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The Fundraiser

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Let's help Lunaescence get a server!

You can make a donation through GoFundMe or Paypal.

Reward Levels

Postcard and Wallpaper - $6

Drawstring Backpack - $12

Sticky Notes and Poster - $27

Notebook and Pen - $25

2017 Calender - $20

Mug and Bookmark - $24

iPhone Case or Samsung Case - $39

T-Shirt and Hat - $40

Messenger Bag and Flashdrive - $80

All of the above - $250

All items are also avaliable seperately. If anyone would like to buy individual items separately, please send me an email.

As an extra special thank you, all physical, mailed rewards come with complimentary Lunaescence branded Stickers.

For some rewards I may need to collect more information. For example, if you buy an iPhone Case, I'll need to contact you to ask what model type your iPhone is as the cases are specific to various models. If more information is needed, I will contact you using the email you donated with.

Are there any added shipping costs?


Here is a breakdown of shipping costs:

Shipping by Level

Shipped for free, within the US and Internationally

Drawstring Backpacks
$7.00 in the US, $27.00 Internationally

Sticky Notes and Poster
$25.00 in the US, $35.00 Internationally

Notebook and Pen
$21.00 in the US, $35.00 Internationally

2017 Calender
$21.00 in the US, $40.00 Internationally

Mug and Bookmark
$20.00 in the US, $59.00 Internationally

iPhone Case
$7.00 in the US, $27.00 Internationally

T-Shirt and Hat
$25.00 in the US, $59.00 Internationally

Messenger Bag and Flashdrive
$25.00 in the US, $59.00 Internationally

All of the above ($250 level)
$25.00 in the US, $59.00 Internationally

How long will delivery take?

All rewards will be shipped at the conclusion of the fundraiser. Visit THIS post for further information.

Paypal Information

PayPal Email: diamondapril(at)lunaescence(dot)com

If you'd like to receive a reward, please include the following as either a note with your payment or as a separate email:

- Reward Level Wanted

- Mailing Address

Diamond April's Contact Information

Email: diamondapril(at)lunaescence(dot)com

posts: 64

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Improvements Made To Shipping

Seeing as there's been a lot of repeat donors or donors who mention wanting to separate their donations over a period of time, I've decided to ship the rewards in groups.

For this current batch of donations, I'm going to wait until I receive a few more before shipping everything out so that, for donors who have donated more than once separately, I can ship all of their rewards together in one box instead of shipping multiple shipments.

Doing this will make shipping more efficient and insure that everyone only has to pay one shipping fee for rewards shipped during this period.

I will let you all know when I've got enough for this specific period and start shipping.

This does not effect digital rewards.

On another note , from now on, please try not to include shipping costs with the money donated through the GoFundMe. The only reason why is because it inaccurately inflates the amount donated to seem as if less is needed and we're closer to the goal, when in reality a majority of the money will just end up paying for shipping.

I'd like the GoFundMe to be an accurate representation of how much money we have left to get, so if possible, please let me bill shipping separately. If you really have to for some reason, you can, but as I've already mentioned, it isn't very beneficial to keeping the costs accurate.

If you donate through paypal can you include a donation and shipping costs together. I manually log Paypal donations onto the GoFundMe page, so unlike with strictly GoFundMe made donations, I can separate the real donated amount from the shipping thus there's no confusion over the real amount.