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If you'd like to see a new category on Lunaescence Archives, please post here. Keep in mind that adding new categories and characters can be quite tedious, so out of courtesy, please only request if you intend to post something for that fandom.

Be sure to include the following information:

Category type: Anime and Manga, Books, Gaming, etc.
Name of Title: Yu Yu Hakusho, Game of Thrones, Fire Emblem, etc.
Characters: Characters you'd like to see available.

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Category type: Movies/TV (Originally a comic series, but I'm requesting the Netflix series, so your judgement.)
Name of Title: Daredevil
Characters: Matt Murdock
Foggy Nelson
Karen Page
James Wesley
Wilson Fisk


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Since it's originally a comic series, it's in cartoons and comics.
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Category type: Movies
Name of Title: Ant-Man
Characters: Scott Lang/Ant-Man, Hank Pym, Darren Cross, Cassandra Lang, Hope Pym, Maggie Lang

Thanks in advance!

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@Liatris Done!
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HEY its me here to request a category i cant post anything for thanks to internet but i figure i should get it taken care of in advance. Thank you so much!!!

Category type: Video Games
Title: Collar x Malice
Characters: Ichika Hoshino
Aiji Yanagi
Kageyuki Shiraishi
Mineo Enomoto
Kei Okazaki
Takeru Sasazuka
Kazuki Hoshino
Hajime Morioka
Seiji Minegishi
Rei Mikumi
Yuzuru Saeki
Hideaki Yoshinari
Kotoho Sakuragawa
Eriko Mukai
Masanobu Mochida
Kenzo Satake
Yusaku Takeada
Keisuke Sanjo
Suzune Uno
Shion Uno
Manabu Soda
Rika Sugawara
Akito Sera
Tomoki Ogata
Yasuhiro Isshiki

Sorry theres so many;;

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Category type: TV
Name of Title: The Five
Characters: Mark Wells, Jesse Wells, Danny Kenwood, Pru Carew, Slade

Thank you! :-)

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@Bleu Wales, somebody was on top of this. I have no idea when they were added, but they're there.

@deltachye, all done! :-)

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Category type: TV
Name of Title: The Good Doctor (2017)
Characters: Shaun Murphy, Claire Browne, Jared Kalu, Aaron Glassman, Neil Melendez

thanks lovely!

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Done! :-)
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Requesting because I'm a fusty mod who can't do new categories lmao

Category type: TV
Name of Title: Stranger Things

Barbara Holland
Billy Hargrove
Bob Newby
Dustin Henderson
Jim Hopper
Jonathan Byers
Joyce Byers
Lucas Sinclair
Martin Brenner
Max Mayfield
Mike Wheeler
Nancy Wheeler
Steve Harrington
Will Byers

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Category Type: Gaming

Name of Title: ARMS

Spring Man
Ribbon Girl
Min Min
Kid Cobra
Master Mummy
Max Brass

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@Mozart, @bikuai - Done and done.
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Since it seems like no one has opposed my Story Bible idea, I thought maybe there could be a new category for myself and others to post theirs—not just strictly entire story bibles, but also story notes in general to members' WIP/completed stories.

Category Type: Nonfiction or Original Stories.

Name of Title: Story Bible, Notes, Encyclopedias, Extras, Accessories (whichever term or other term you want to use).

Character: None.

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@HatedLove6, I have added a category called 'Supplemental Story Information' to the Original Stories category.
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Thank you! :-D

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Category type: Anime and manga
Title: Devilman Crybaby
Characters: Akira Fudo, Ryo Asuka, Miki Makimura, Miki “Miko” Kuroda, Psycho Jenny, Kaim, Silene, Zennon, Wamu, Gabi, Mayuta “Kukkun”, Babo, Hie, Taro Makimura, Tako

Thank you so much!!!!

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Category type: Anime and Manga 

Title: Seven Deadly Sins​




King "Harlequin"




Elizabeth Liones





Arthur Pendragon

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Category type: Anime/Manga
Name of Title: Silver Spoon 
Characters: Ichirou Komaba, Yuugo Hachiken, Aki Mikage, Inada Tamako, Aikawa Shinnosuke, Keiji Tokiwa, Mayumi Yoshino


thanks love!

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@SweetDeath, @CherryLips, @Vera — all added!
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i'm back with a new fandom ka-chow lol ty

Category type: Anime/Manga 
Name of Title: B: The Beginning
Characters: Keith Flick, Gilbert Ross, Lily Hoshina, Kaela Yoshinaga, Eric Toga, Koku, Yuna, Minatsuki


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