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what's popping jimbo (17/08/17)

deltachye Thursday August 17, 2017

Stories/Fanfic Work

Catch Float - 17+ ; The Maze Runner ; 17/08/17

reader x thomas/newt/minho; cyoa/wwyff format
"His face came to mind. Even though you hadn’t ever seen him before—you couldn’t remember seeing anybody, not even yourself—you felt as if he was the one letting you breathe easy.
It was only too bad that you didn’t know why."


Summertime Benchwarming - Youth ; Haikyuu!! ; 14/08/17 (Completed)

reader x satori tendou
The blush really wasn't helping you on this damned hot summer day.


Fetch!! - 13+ ; Haikyuu!! ; 13/08/17 

human!reader x werewolf!hinata
How did you know he was a werewolf? Well, it started with his uncomfortably high body temperature… then you noticed his penchant for scratching his head… then there was the thing about bones and playing fetch… oh yeah, and then he literally turned into a puppy at your feet.


Street Stupid - 17+ ; Voltron ; 12/08/17

homeless!au reader x keith kogane
So you got an invitation that you never asked for. It’s a party of depravity and bad luck, ‘cause now you’re homeless, and all the guests are shitty people that’ll throw up in your tub and steal your birdbath. The only thing that’ll keep you warm besides dumpster fires are your tears; but if you’re lucky, you might find somebody along the way to teach you the 15 rules of street living.
Taking notes? Good. Here’s #1.


Number - 13+ ; Daredevil ; ??/08/17 (Completed)

reader x matthew murdock
He damn liked you; that much was for sure.



  • uhhh not much has happened bcs summer screws me over lol. i don't really have many plans in regards to fics, but i've been playing fire emblem awakening and watching daredevil and driving for p much all of my days so that's all kiddos :,)


Fire Emblem: Awakening; Thoughts

  • i wish i'd played it earlier tbh! the function where nobody dies for real is SO GOOD. after being stumped by sacred stones, it's really nice to have that fallback because i'm v casual when it comes to gaming.
  • chrom is my ultimate husband. i was tempted by lon'qu and even some of the kiddos were adorable, but chrom's the only one i can think about pairing MU up with lol
  • (if you want me to detailedly rant about who i paired up lmk)
  • good gameplay, even on normal mode; huge challenge in the late paralogues! especially the one where like priam DESTROYS your giant team lol rippp
  • i chose to die for everybody and i was lowkey mad that they all seemed to have forgotten about me but then he was like "welcome back it's over" and i criED ??? bcs not only do i LOVE roundabout story telling i'm also rlly glad he didn't forget about my ass and our kid
  • want to write fics for them so bad but no ideas :////////


Anime (BNHA & BSD) (Spoilers)

  • bakugou is such an angry asshat i can't believe i caught feelings for this pricK!! but his jeans make me laugh so hard i think i cried
  • i genuinely thought kunikida wasn't even going to show up in the ova since he had like three lines total in season two but bOY WAS I WRONG???? it was a kunikida SPECIAL and i think i screamed myself raw
  • god his character !!!! he's just!!! my fave!!!! GOD!!!!!!! 11/10!!!!!!! best ova! best ever! 


Daredevil Season 2 (Spoilers?)

  • ok so i haven't even gotten that far because matt/karen exhausts me so much,, i thought she was going 2 end up with foggy but noooo,,,,,, my gay heart yearns for her but ever since she shot my baby daddy wesley i've always been :// i would've forgiven her if she told them (i get that she can't but i just,,, UGh,,,)
  • i liked elektra for half a second before she went crazy and told matt to kill roscoe like ok............... crazy bitch........
  • i didn't think claire/matt was good but now that s2's options are trash she oughta come back :^)
  • anyways abt the punisher,,,,,, i think his arc and motivations were really well portrayed like they didn't dodge around how gruesome his murders are while balancing it with the story abt his family. but him and daredevil's ideals foiling each other is just v good imo