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C/P'ed from Proboards: A message from Diamond April

This is a notice regarding current and future shipments of the rewards.

This applies to those who have donated and are expecting to be shipped a reward, as well as those who may donate in the future with the expectation of being shipped a reward. If you did not and do not want a reward or will not be receiving any physical goods, most of the information below will not concern you.

In regards to shipping.....

As mentioned in the fundraiser post, it was originally my goal to have the majority of the rewards shipped off before the December Holidays in the US.

Because there were many donors who submitted incorrect or incomplete addresses with their donations, I've had to personally contact each donor to verify the address they wish the reward to be shipped to.

For the past few weeks I have been contacting donors to confirm their shipping addresses and collect shipping costs. I've had some degree of difficulty getting responses as well as collecting the payments for shipping.

With these factors taken in to account, I know it is unlikely I'd be able to ship everything before the Holidays. After much consideration, I've come to the conclusion the best option is to ship all rewards at the conclusion of the fundraiser.

Donors until this point....

For anyone who has contributed before the date of December 6th, you should have already receive an email from me regarding details of your shipment, as well as a separate, automated bill for shipping.

There are four main purposes of the email regarding shipping. The first is to confirm the name the package is to be addressed to, the second is to collect the username of said donor (if applicable), the third is to confirm the reward the donor expects to receive, and finally, to confirm the address the reward is to be shipped to.

So put in layman's terms, the email is otherwise intended to insure everything is correct so the package arrives to the proper recipient and that your contribution is properly attributed to you when the site is back up. Without the confirmation email being sent back to me and the shipping bill being paid, I am unable to ship.

Unfortunately, while many donors have returned the confirmation, there have been some donors who have not returned either the confirmation email or shipping bill, and who have otherwise been unreachable.

As this was a majority, this was one of the reasons why I had to delay shipping to everyone, even to the donors who have paid for their shipping and returned the confirmation.

As of now I'm officially delaying all shipping until the fundraiser's conclusion, but in the mean time, I would still like to receive the original confirmation emails back from those who have been sent it.

If you donated to the fundraiser prior to December 6th, be sure to check your inbox for the shipping confirmation and a bill from Paypal.

As I'm delaying all shipping until the conclusion of the fundraiser I'm no longer prioritizing the collection of shipping costs (so if you don't currently have the money for shipping, that's fine), but if you have not at this point responded to the confirmation, please respond to the confirmation email acknowledging you have received both emails so I at least know you've received it.

If you donated prior to December 6th and are expecting a reward, but believe you haven't received an email from me:

  1. 1 - Please double check. I'm like Santa: I made a list and checked it twice, and I'm pretty confident I didn't miss anyone. But I am human, so I welcome the possibility that I may have gotten my wires crossed somewhere. Regardless, I just ask you save us both some time and double check to insure you don't have an email from me buried in your inbox.

  1. 2 - Insure your email address is in working order. For one or two donors, my attempts to email them resulted in the message being rejected by the recipient server. If you contributed with a nonworking email there is otherwise no way for me to contact you. In this case, you'll have to reach out to me and notify me of which donor you were.

Finally, if you still can't find an email from me, just let me know I will sort it out.

International donors....

As we've gotten a lot of international donors and the shipping costs are solely out of pocket, I've come to the conclusion I won't be able to support it further.

I will have updated rates for future international shipping posted up very soon. International shipping costs for some rewards may not be affected.

Going forward....

All rewards will be shipped at the conclusion of the fundraiser, with the exception of digital rewards.

I will send bills for shipping costs immediately following the conclusion of the fundraiser. You are more than welcome to send me your shipping costs on your own through this Paypal Page ahead of time, or wait for me to contact you at the conclusion of the fundraiser.

International donors will now have to pay full price for shipping.

For questions....

If you're a current or prospective donor with further questions, please direct them to my email diamondapril at lunaescence.com.

To keep all shipping correspondence orderly, I would prefer to be contacted about shipping by email only. Keeping such correspondence solely through email keeps things organized and insures I don't have to check multiple venues in order to find information I need, like usernames or shipping addresses, which helps me to better organize information and more efficiently handle the shipping process.

I sincerely appreciate your cooperation and feel free to reach out to me for any questions.

Thank you for supporting Lunaescence Archives!