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don't even bother waking me up when september ends (05/09/17)

deltachye Wednesday September 6, 2017


Unconditional Surrender - Haikyuu!! 17+ - reader/various (most recent: Tobio Kageyama)

Street Stupid - Voltron AU 17+ - reader/keith kogane

Last Year - Mystic Messenger 17+ - reader or oc (interchangeable)/707 (luciel/saeyoung) choi

- Fox Spirit || 狐狸精 - FullMetal Alchemist 13+ - reader/ling yao (completed!)



school started and i am in real tears i'm so okay with being in grade 12 and leaving this poop hole because i am pretty secure in my confidence to study nursing at my chosen school but first i have to graduate which is the hard part. i'm going to hate seeing these people over and over tbh and popularity scales/cliques still exist; where do i exist? at the bottom and in none. i'm not a popular athletics person, nor a part of the muslim squad, nor a part of the hoes, nor a part of the IB squad, which kind of gets lonely to be really real but also like i'm gone in a couple of months so SOZ i'm okay with it lol. what rlly scares me is how much changes in a year. i will not be the same in 2018 and that could be either good or bad??

wildfire smoke has been taking a toll on the air quality and i'm like very certain it's affecting my health because i can't stop coughing/eyes itch/sleepless. my best wishes go out to those affected in BC & USA.


why couldnt things get this saucy in any other route shingen legitimately rawed and nutted in MC not once but twice, maybe countless other times, and i just... why didn't that happen with like kojuro. or masamune, my bias. or saizo who's a damn sexual tease ffs. anyways i will be running through ieyasu's after shingen bcs he's a fucking dick ass that should eat my toe but i'm always a slut for the most problematic characters so here i am. but in actuality whY AM I ON THIS OTOME BULLSHIT AGAIN SCHOOL JUST STARTED

anyways sorry for the severe drop in quality for this weekly blog post all of my fics are found on my page : http://www.lunaescence.com/fics/viewuser.php?uid=33108&sort=update . i'm going to try and spend a lot less time on the internet but i am always free and open to chat! if we are friends you may ask me for my snapchat, skype, or instagram. my kik is deltachye and my tumblr is also deltachye and i don't mind striking up convos there smile