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aaaaa x1000 (27/08/17)

deltachye Monday August 28, 2017


Warm - Boku no Hero Academia ; Youth

reader x shouto todoroki He had never been able to find that medium between frigid cold or scalding heat. All it took was a quirkless girl with a soft smile to let him feel the warmth of love in his heart.

Fetch! - Haikyuu!! ; 13+

human!reader x werewolf!hinata How did you know he was a werewolf? Well, it started with his uncomfortably high body temperature… then you noticed his penchant for scratching his head… then there was the thing about bones and playing fetch… oh yeah, and then he literally turned into a puppy at your feet.

C8H11NO2+C10H12N2O+C43H66N12O12S2 - Sherlock BBC ; 17+

reader x sherlock holmes, response to Byakko-chan's 'Love' challenge Dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin. Love really isn't that hard — unless of course, you're in love with Sherlock Holmes.


ok literally NOTHING has happened like gotDAM does summer just completely melt me into a useless member of society. danny rand/iron fist is cute but the kid is honestly so fucking useless i wanted to punch him during the entirety of the defenders hooo my god but we’ll get into that more.

i got to do goat yoga and it was rlly cool until the baby goats shat all over the girl next to me but at least it wasn’t my mat yenno??? also my sister’s friend has such a cute baby rescue dog like it’s smart but refuses to listen to commands which is :/// but i mean vito has my heart i just love small dogs (jk i love ALL dogs) with a passion. wish i could have one if my mum weren’t so hateful :/// or a cat at least but :,(((

i recently got back into the otome game grind which pisses me off bcs scHOOL IS STARTING IN A WEEK OR SOMETHING AND LIKE FUCK I AM NOT READY. but i am also ready to leave the hellhole we call highschool so like… i shall persevere. since i’ve chosen to apply to bachelors of nursing programs and qualify well above the competitive average (i have a 98% to apply with thanks to OP averaging) i can p much take grade 12 super easy. imma still try tho… but not as hard. i don’t need to cut myself deep into another depression rut. (physics flashbacks. never again.)

i also think i can pass my driving test now if i wanted to book it. i’m pretty confident on roads but like parking still bites me in the ass. sometimes it’s perfect and sometimes it just SUCKS. but since a license is so expensive i figure i can hold off on getting it. i don’t have a car to drive anyways, so it’s not a big priority.

the leaves are changing colour which is super NICE bcs canadian autumn is so pretty especially in my mountainous city but also Winter Is Coming and canadian winters are :// i’m not looking forward to hauling my ass through the snow.

all in all i’ve done nothing but eat hot cheetos until i get sick, curse the hot weather, and play my ds. smile


  • i only watched daredevil going into it so i probably missed a lot of easter eggs but all in all enjoyable
  • matt’s a piece of shit why the FUCK did he do That. and like. fake die ughhhhhh 
  • danny is the biggest hunk of dry fecal matter i have ever seen. i thought he was supposed to be a legend. the hand made such a big deal out of him but he couldn’t even take down a blind cracker. what the fuck is his iron fist useful for if he just goes and opens up mystical doors for the enemy by himself. fuck. honestly dump his ass colleen baby you deserve more.
  • elektra can eat my ass i’m sorry i just don’t like her character :// i mean i suppose she’s supposed to be the edgy girl with ~ depth ~ but i don’t like how she ‘likes killing’ bcs guess what that kinda makes u a Bad Guy in my book ://///
  • i do like luke cage and jessica jones. luke/claire makes me happy so i hope they stay happy in his show. but JJ. her alcoholic sarcastic ass is me i love her.
  • all in all it was,, ok. decent watch but kind of like a dragged out 8h long movie. 7.5/10


  • why am i ba c k  he r e in otome HECK??????
  • anyways. for SLBP im doing shingen’s route but i rlly hate how he basically tried to rape MC and everybody was like lol he’s shingen he can do what he wants?? like what the fuck that’s not okay…. he did apologize for it but still. but redemption: shingen is straight up pansexual which does make me go “oh ok” but i still don’t forgive him for trying to fuck MC without her permission, whether shingen saw MC as a boy or a girl.
  • i finished yuta s2 and i love the dork but yamato is always my #1 i fucking die for tsunderes. chose takao s2 next bcs i don’t care much for the other options and i already did ren. buT THE FUCKING CLOSET…. AND THE INABILITY TO REACH SUPER HAPPY END IN S2 UNLESS YOU STRAIGHT UP PAY VOLTAGE. ugh. 
  • v’s route is postpones to september and like bruhhhh i have SCHOOL but he kinda looks janky as shit in the trailer so i don’t even kno if i want to play. especially cause he s’posed to be DEAD…


  • okay why is it so fucking complicated
  • that aside. after i ignored all the fancy features for pro players who like to grind for completion, it’s fun. i miss shiki. joshua is a fave character but damn is it hard to get combos while trying to focus on neku’s screen. the stylus controls are shite lol no beating around the bush but it’s fun to just SMASH that bottom screen. shoulda bought a screen protector tbh
  • i rlly like neku’s angsty edgy teenage ass and his development :,))) thank you shiki for being there for him :,)))
  • josh is a piece of trash so obviously i love him. i think he’s younger than me so like shit a-age is just a number????? i’m only on joshua day 6 or something, but i wrote something for him a long time ago for a fic trade (but i hadn’t played then so i was guessing at his personality). @ me why do i keep falling for problematic characters