"Born To Die" by Mrs_Anonymous

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Amy: Its Spring Break and I felt like finishing this instead of my homework for next week. It was inspired by Lana del Rey's song "Born To Die." I hope you like it and its not too confusing!


Lana del Rey's "Born To Die" --
It was hard to ignore the pain. With the desolated town around you, you were aware of just what kind of damage was done to your body. Granted, about half of the damage done to the city was done by you.

You shifted from your place on the destroyed concrete. You had been kicked a couple blocks away from your enemy, who was in no better shape than you. You coughed, nearly hurling at the tang of blood in your mouth. You swallowed, a mixture of saliva and blood burning your throat.

Your body quaked with the effort to push yourself to your feet. Your arms nearly gave out. You pulled your feet beneath you and pushed yourself up, stumbling and catching yourself on a large slab of street that had been erected from the fight. You licked your lips, feeling a sting at the corner of your mouth, where copper flooded your mouth. You lifted a shaking hand, wiping your hand across your mouth. Blood smeared your arm.

(E/C) eyes flicked over your scenery. The city was void of any life. Buildings had been demolished and cars destroyed. Like this street, many were filled with similar craters and cracks.

In one of these cracks, feet from you, your pike was lodged, standing straight. Its wicked tip reflected the sunlight, gleaming red from when you had shoved it through your attacker’s shoulder. You still hadn’t used the weapon to its full potential yet.

You swallowed once again. Carefully, you pushed off your support and stumbled across the rubble. It rolled beneath your weak legs. You grabbed the cool metal, and yanked. It didn’t budge. With a huff, you shifted, lifting a foot to press against the side of the crack, heaving your body backwards, wiggling the weapon. It freed itself and you stumbled, quickly spinning the pike to catch yourself with its similarly sharp other end. You sighed, leaning your head back towards the sun.

You were tired. You had lost a lot of blood. Your opponent had as well. Already, you knew you wouldn’t leave alive. It would be impossible. It was already decided by whatever or whoever controlled fate that this would be your final resting place. You were not afraid. You were disappointed, but not afraid. You had hoped to die quietly. In your sleep, perhaps. With a family.

You smiled slightly, your eyes blinking slowly. But you did have one. More than one. There were you parents and your brother. They had supported you so much throughout school. Then there was the Vongola and their allies. You had grown so close to them over the years. They had never let you down/

Your smile faded. And then your husband. It had been a risk, marrying him now. But after Tsuna had died, you had begged him. He had relented. It meant nothing to him, you knew, if the two of you were married or not. What was his, in his mind, was his, no matter what. But you wanted that connection, and he had given it to you.

Because of the danger, there had been no family to start. He had disappeared months ago. This wasn’t unusual. However, with so many already dead at the hands of the Milliefore, you had no idea if he was alive or not.

It was cruel of him. He had always been cruel, but you couldn’t stop your heart from loving him, from needing him. He never felt the same, you knew this. How could he? The only interest he ever showed in you was for your body and your strength, since high school.

You took a shaky breath, closing your eyes and leaning on your pike. What if you gave up here? You were so tired. Your family was probably watching. Watching you fail. Watching you die. What if he came back and saw how horribly you fought, how easily you had passed? He would be so ashamed, so disgusted.

Behind your eyes, you could feel the familiar burn of tears, and fog of emotion in your throat. Mentally, you calmed yourself. You were in the middle of battle. Thoughts like these weren’t meant to be here. Yes, you were going to die, but the only thoughts you wanted while you fought were the positive ones.

Once calmed, you began to seek a way from your crater. You carefully clamored your way from the hole, groaning as you finally rolled over the top, more gravel and rubble from your fight around you.

You sighed, pushing yourself to your feet, holding your pike close. Sharp eyes scanned your surroundings. You felt the energy, the flame from your enemy, but you couldn’t see them. No surprise there. They had the Mist Flame, while you had Rain.

Licking your lips, you began limping forward. If you didn’t find them, they would find you. There was no doubt about that.

Surprise filled your gut with how much damage you had dealt the city. You hadn’t realized how much power you had exerted. Long ago you had realized that they were drawing your energy out, expecting you to release it all. They were frustrated when you hadn’t. You still had massive amounts stored left, and your enemy knew. You had yet to release your Box Animal, let alone your flame. Partially due to the fact that you had not taken the Box Animal with you. You didn’t like using it.

Perhaps that was why you were going to die here.

Kyoya Hibari was not happy. He had been taking a wonderful snooze at the Namimori Shrine when he had up and disappeared in a cloud a pink smoke, only to find himself in what was supposed to be the future. The rest of those brats were here as well, along with the baby. The only reason he believed it was the future was due to the odd circumstances he came to be here, and the fact that Kusakabe was obviously older than usual.

Hibari stared at the ceiling of his underground base, lying on his back with Hibird on his chest and Roll curled up under the table a few feet away. He was not worried about the state of Namimori, as he knew that his future self would take good care of it.

A soft call of his name had him opening his narrow blue eyes, and he grunted an order for Kusakabe to enter.

“Sir.” Hibari examined the man, who was now bowing slightly. He hadn’t changed much in ten years. He looked more haggard, and right now, grave. “I would like to show you something.”

Usually, Hibari would be annoyed with this interruption. He hadn’t even gotten to nap yet. However, the prefect couldn’t deny his curiosity. With a grunt, he stood, Hibird fluttering up to his shoulder. Roll didn’t notice, as he was still curled up into a ball.

The younger Cloud Guardian followed his Right Hand deeper into the underground compound, where he was knew that his bedroom resided. Instead of entering the room, Kusakabe slid open the door across from it, the one that Hibari hadn’t bothered exploring, assuming that it had been a closet.

However, it was not. Hibari entered, his eyes flicking over the room. There was a shrine in the center, meant for the deceased. There were old incense that hadn’t been burning in ages in a jar at the foot of the shrine, a familiar blue box that he knew contained a Box Animal. Or had, at one point. A large battle-worn pike was leaning against the side of the shrine.

His gray eyes moved to the picture on the mantle. The picture surprised him, but he didn’t let it show. The woman was older than the girl that went to Namimori middle. She was more mature, much more beautiful.

“Your future self has not been here since the first time he had it installed,” Kusakabe murmured quietly. “However, I know that she has not left your–the future Kyoya Hibari’s–mind once since she died.”

Hibari stepped forward, towards the single pillow that was before it. He did not kneel, he did not pay his respect. His frown deepened as he stared at the picture. He knew who the woman was, but who was she to his future self?

Hibari turned his glare onto his right hand, silently demanding an answer.

Kusakabe easily provided one. “She is your future self’s wife, Hibari-san. And she died in battle when the war began.”

You had been walking for a little over five minutes when he found you.

Pride bubbled in your damaged stomach at the sight of him. He was just as bloodied and damaged as you. You examined him from where you stood, yards away. He had crudely wrapped fabric around his forearm, to stem any more blood loss. You had slammed your pike through his wrist and ripped his left hand off. Crimson blood was still dripping from the open veins on his wrist. There was a hole in his opposite shoulder, though he had proved that it hadn’t hindered him at all when he used the same arm to slice your side open with those sickles of his. However, he could only use one now, and you had destroyed the box containing his Box Animal near the beginning of the fight. It had been a lucky jab on your part, and he had been furious.

“Lupo,” you called out, raising a hand in a cocky, tired wave. The man, his red hair mussed and his eyes filled with an unimaginable amount of hate, immediately focused on you. “I think that kick you landed broke a few of my ribs!”

He spit out blood, but you didn’t take offense. Why be angry in your last moments of life? Yes, this was not how you wanted to spend them, but you would fight to the teeth and keep those you loved on your mind while you did it.

“You’re dying here, bitch,” he growled out, disappearing momentarily. You swung your pike up, blocking his kick. His sickle came down and you twisted the metal pole around, the two weapons meeting with a clang. He twisted his sickle, hooking it around your pike and yanking it one way. You grunted, letting go for a moment to dodge the outer blade as it slashed towards your cheek. Your hand shot up for your pike once more, yanking it towards you as you jumped backwards, away from him.

But Lupo followed. You jabbed your pike forward, and he twisted out of the way, losing balance. You adjusted your grip and gritted your teeth when your abused muscles flexed shakily, and spun your pike around to smash it into his side.

He stumbled back, coughing up blood, pressing his bad arm against his side. You took a few steps back, opting not to attack. Instead, you caught your breath. Your damaged lungs could only take so much, and you were already wincing in pain. If he kept his attacks so strong, you knew that one of your broken ribs would pierce your lungs soon.

Lupo stumbled up right, letting out a roar of rage, swinging his sickle wildly at you. You reared back, feeling the force behind his attack as it passed inches in front of your face. You lunged your pike forward, but he ducked. You put too much force into it, and it took more effort than usual to draw it back. Lupo used that to his advantage. He swung outward, his sickle lodging itself into your side.

Your eyes widened and your mouth gaped. A grunt of pain escaped you. Gritting your teeth, you jerked your elbow up, slamming it into his throat and then into his nose, temporarily blocking stalling his ability to breathe. His head snapped backwards with the blow to his nose and he stumbled away, letting go of the sickle.

Your pike slammed into the ground, keeping you up right. With each labored breath, you could feel the sharp point digging further into your stomach. Warm blood poured down your slide, over your hip and soaking your ripped pants.

Gritting your teeth, you grabbed the handle, a sob of pain releasing from your throat when you moved the weapon. “Fuck,” you muttered, forcing your body to relax. You fell to one knee, closing your eyes. Behind them, you could see those gray eyes filled with an odd sort of fondness that soothed your soul and made your heart clench with love…

Was it odd to think that the past Namimori hadn’t changed much? Especially with how the future was now?

The elder Hibari didn’t waste time thinking about it as he strolled through the streets. As usual, his tonfa were on his person, but hidden However, he was wearing the horrible suit he was forced into while working for the Vongola.

It was nearing the end of the afternoon, which meant that the children in Namimori middle would be released soon. He had no desire to stay in the Sawada household when he could be seeing someone much more important.

Unfortunately, it had taken her early demise for him to realize this.

The Cloud Guardian rounded a familiar corner, tugging slightly at his tie. He paused, seeing the flood of children leaving. Some of them stared up at him, eyes bugging out when they realized who he looked like.

He frowned down at them. “Stop crowding,” he growled out. They immediately jumped and did as he said, faces pale and their minds more than likely swirling with confusion. Hibari smirked a little, continuing on through the parting crowd of students.

Just as he was turning to enter the grounds, a young girl ran face first into his chest. Hibari raised an eyebrow when she stepped back, wide (e/c) eyes meeting gray.

The Cloud Guardian’s heart ached in realization.

The emotion in your eyes went from surprised to incredulous confusion. “Whoa, what?” You questioned no one, a habit that you wouldn’t let go of, even when you were older.

A smirk curled Hibari’s lips and he tilted his head as he stared back at you. You didn’t let up your glare of confusion. He could see your mind working quickly, attempting to put together the confusing pieces of what was happening.

Any normal student would have quickly avoided eye contact. He didn’t remember you being so eccentric. Perhaps that was because, at fifteen, all he had been worried about was his school and hadn’t given a care in the world for the students that populated it.

Or the woman that would be his wife in the future.

Your voice, higher pitched now, cut off his train of thought. “Hi…bari?”

Hibari didn’t answer your question. He could see you already knew it was him. Instead, he reached out and grasped the hand that wasn’t holding your bag to your shoulder. You had always been smaller than him, but now you were terribly dwarfed. Like a small animal.

You let out a squawk of surprise as he turned and immediately began tugging you towards Namimori shrine. “Whoa! H-Hibari-san! Or, well, older Hibari-san! What the hell is going on?!”

Hibari glanced over his shoulder at you. He could see the faint blush on your cheeks, the familiar indignation to do as he said in your eyes, a fire that would soften over the years and he would never notice, not even when he was married to you.

Hibari chuckled quietly. “You’ll learn in time,” he murmured, turning forward again and ignoring your cry of confusion.

“What kind of answer is that?!”

For now, he wanted to cherish his time with you. He didn’t know when it would end again.

You gritted your teeth and yelled as you ripped the sickle from your side. You gasped, your eyes snapping open. You let it drop, pressing your hand against your side, feeling the blood flow freely between your trembling fingers.

“Oh g-god…” Your choked whimper was cut off by the sounds of Lupo pushing himself to his feet, letting out a flurry of breathless curses while gasping for air. You looked up through your knotted, lank hair, watching him as carefully as you could with your swimming vision.

Licking your dry lips, you used your pike to push yourself to your feet. Lupo glared at you, his once pristine red hair falling in his face, his beautiful face that was swollen and now covered in blood from his broken nose.

You swayed from standing upright, holding your pike in one hand. You had to keep pressure on your wound with the other if you wanted to stay alive long enough to kill him.

He watched you warily, his jaw hanging open to allow him to breathe. You twirled your pike as you slowly approached him, trying to keep your eyes from closing. You paused, feet away from him.

Your pike struck the dirt of the ground, kicking up sand around your feet. It was quiet and still around the two of you, and you took the moment to close your eyes and gather your thoughts…your feelings…the finality of this moment.

It didn’t take long.

With a deep inhalation through your nose, you opened your eyes, activating your flames. The blue spark erupted on your forehead, the flame growing and flicking across your hair, your pike catching the blue flame as well. The familiar feeling of cool water washing over you, soothing the pain in your side, the ache in your chest and the burning of your palms. You pulled your hand away from your wound, letting it bleed freely while you swung your pike up, clenching it in both bloodied hands.

Lupo tensed, his feet inching farther apart to ready himself for your attack.

You lunged.

Hibari stared up at you from where his head lay in your lap. You were obviously uncomfortable with this set up, but he didn’t care. He was with you and he was going to make the most of it.

He reached out, brushing the tips of his fingers along your cheek. You flinched, frowning down at him as he tucked a stray hair behind your ear.

You still had a little baby fat, but he could appreciate that. You were ten years younger, it was to be expected. He closed his eyes, slowly relaxing with the familiar scent of you surrounding him, a scent he hadn’t smelled in years…

“Um.” Hibari’s eyebrow twitched. Of course, you had to ruin this moment. “Can…you tell me what’s going on?”

He sighed heavily, opening one eye to glare up at you. You froze momentarily before your fear melted away. Your hand, which had been folded in your lap, reached up and you tugged lightly on his hair. “You’re the one who kidnapped me. You freaky pedo, Hibari.”

Hibari stared up at you flatly, unsure of how to reply. “You little–”

“Hibari! Are you here?”

The Cloud Guardian groaned, rolling over and pressing his face into your lap. “Wha–?! Hey! Gross!” Your hands pushed against his shoulders, but he didn’t budge. Instead, he wrapped his arms around your tiny frame and trapped you in place.

In no time, that idiot Sasagawa was at the top of the shrine, witnessing the sight before him.

“Hibari are you–oh.”

Hibari kept his face pressed against your thighs. He could feel your small hands clenching the shoulders of his shirt, having discarded his jacket somewhere on the shrine’s stone floor.

“What?! You’re older, too, Ryohei-san?!”

“Hey, (Name)-chan,” Ryohei greeted. You may not have noticed the tinge of sadness in his voice, but it annoyed Hibari.

He finally lifted his head, turning it to glare at the Sun Guardian, whose silver eyes were staring at him with pity and understanding.

“Leave,” Hibari ordered, glaring dangerously.

Sasagawa nodded to him, smiling slightly at you. “Wait! Don’t leave me!” You attempted to lunge out of his arms, but they tightened around you, and your hands slapped against the stone ground.

Ryohei chuckled. “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine to the extreme,” he assured you. He gazed at you for a little longer, and you glared back, pouting. Hibari grunted a familiar warning at the boxer, who chuckled again and finally turned, waving over his shoulder and taking the stairs downward again.

You whined, tilting your head to glare down at the Cloud Guardian. He didn’t bother with a look of innocence. Instead, he let his head fall against your thighs again, his cheek pressed against the soft skin, his gray eyes closing.

After a moment, you righted yourself. Before Hibari fell asleep, your hands were resting softly on his shoulders.

You gritted your blood stained teeth as you stabbed Lupo hard through the chest. His eyes widened. Your speed had grown exponentially, and you had used a copy of yourself with your Rain flame to distract him.

There was the crunch of his sternum giving away, and then his ribs cracking as you thrust the pike further through his chest. His mouth opened and he stumbled slightly under the force of your push.

He wasn’t the only one that went without damage, however.

It would seem that he had kept his other sickle hidden the entire time. The moment your pike made contact with his chest, a double of his own, much more tangible than yours, was lodging it into your back and through one of your lungs. You could hardly breathe, and when he lost control of his Mist flame, and his copy had disappeared, it left the sickle in its place, hooked around your ribs and within your punctured lung.

You could feel the blood filling your lung, and your body immediately reacted. The flame on your forehead quickly winked out as you began to lose yourself. You let go of your pike, and it stayed straight up from where it was forced into the ground. Lupo was dead, and his body was slowly sliding down the metal.

You turned away, stumbling as you coughed, blood escaping you and falling down your chin. You fell to your knees, your body aching and trembling, unable to catch your breath with the blood in your collapsing lung.

Now that the battle was over, and your blood was flowing again and you could feel every blood cell that left your body in the rivulets across your skin, you allowed your emotions to get to you. But you couldn’t even sob. You didn’t have the air in your lungs to do it. Tears only fell from your eyes like the blood falling from your wounds, pitter-pattering beneath you, staining the destroyed earth.

With a desperate gasp, you fell to one elbow, reaching around to grasp the sickle. It took more work and pain to rip this one from around your ribs. Your wounded, leaking stomach protested and you threw up acid and blood. You dropped the sickle, your body collapsing.

With the last of your strength, you rolled yourself over to stare at the blue sky, the sky that had not changed since your fight began, reminding you that time went on and the universe didn’t care.

But there were clouds in the sky, and despite the weak and useless connection, it made you feel as if he was really with you in your final moment.

Your lips parted and you closed your eyes as your heart began to beat its last strained beats of life, unknowingly pumping your blood from your body.

You thought of him.

You lay with your head on his chest, listening to his strong heart thud calmly against his chest. The two of you were within the confines of your room, bundled in the covers of the futon. All was quiet in the compound, and it was almost as if there was no danger of the Milliefore looming over your head.

You didn’t know if he was awake or not, but you didn’t care. Knowing that he was allowing you to be here with him like this was enough to satisfy you. The fingers of your hand on his chest lightly stroked across the smooth skin that was littered with scars from battles that he had been more than happy to fight in.

To your surprise, his larger, warmer hand came up and grasped yours. “Stop, herbivore,” he ordered quietly. He pressed your hand flat against his chest before he let go, tucking his arm behind his head once again.

You complied, simply curling closer to him and his warmth.

“Kyoya?” You murmured quietly. He sighed heavily, his chest expanding beneath your head before falling in as he released his breath. He grunted in assertion. You pursed your lips but continued. “If we weren’t in the middle of a war, would you want to start a family with me? Maybe in a couple of years?”

To your surprise, the arm that was nearest you moved and you felt his long, tapered fingers press gently across your scalp, running through your tangled hair and curling a few strands around a single finger.

He didn’t respond, but your curiosity was sated.

His physical affection, so rare even to you, his new wife, was all the answer you needed.

You swallowed your last breath of air, your tears blurring the image of the cloud that was slowly floating above you, and would soon float away just like your own cloud.


Your eyes glazed over, your lips parting slightly and your body fell still as you sighed. In the reflection of your tearing eyes, the cloud continued to pass your body by.

You didn’t see that mysterious elder Hibari again. After he had walked you home once the sky had turned dark, he had left you with nothing but the soft touch of his fingers sliding across yours as a memory.

Everything returned to normal. Or as normal as it could get with Dame-Tsuna and his friends gone, along with the no show younger prefect. You didn’t see him or Ryohei.

You still thought about what you experienced. He had been much more gentle with you than you had expected. Hell, how were you supposed to take the sudden appearance of a older version of the terrifying Demon of Namimori? What did that even mean?

You looked away from your teacher, pressing your fingers against your lips as you stared out the window. You leaned against your desk, watching the clouds pass across the sky.

They would float by you just as quickly, yet just as slow, as your experience with the elder Kyoya Hibari.

Hibari opened his eyes, meeting the darkness of his room. It had taken a long a few months, but soon he was returned to the future. After his experience with the younger you, he figured that it wasn’t a good idea to continue keeping such close contact with you. Instead, he watched you from afar, carefully keeping himself out of your line of sight. Sasagawa hadn’t said anything to the others about how he had found the Cloud Guardian with you, and it appeared that they hadn’t thought about going to the school to find you.

When he had returned to the future, he had disappeared to his compound, Kusakabe dutifully following after him. He had passed the room where he knew your shrine was and locked himself within his own, ripping that damnable suit off and replacing it with a yukata. With that, he fell onto his futon and into a dreamless slumber.

Now he was awake, consciously aware of the body next to his. He twisted his head to the side, gray meeting warm (e/c). There was a smile on those familiar lips. (H/C) hair splayed out in a fan on the pillow, ready to be tangled in his fingers.

Your soft hand reached out and gently smoothed across his chest. You sat up, your forehead leaning against his. He reached up, his hand burying itself into your hair, keeping you in place.

You grinned, laughing quietly when he quickly leaned up and kissed you hard, rolling you beneath him and submerging himself in your taste, feel and smell.

He would never tell you how much he missed you.


You jerked to a stop, turning to look over your shoulder in surprise. He was younger, his eyes less forgiving, his frown harsher and his body smaller, though still bigger than yours…

He was glaring at you like you had committed some crime. Was your shirt untucked? Had you been crowding without noticing? When the hell had he gotten back anyway?!

The younger Kyoya Hibari continued moving towards you, and he reached out and snagged your wrist, dragging you after him.

“What the hell?!” You snapped, yanking on your arm. “Let go! I already had to deal with the older you!”

The pace of his stride faltered for a second, but you only noticed because he was forcing you to walk at his speed.

“Shut up. Herbivore, you’ll be dealing with a lot more of me now, understand?”

You sputtered and tried to yank away once more, but he turned and yanked you against him. Your eyes widened at the close proximity, and you stared up into his narrowed eyes and his frowning, angry features.

“You’re mine now. If you even think about being another man’s, I’ll bite you to death.”

There was no room for argument.

You would find, in the future, that you didn’t even want to think of being with another man.

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