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Now You See Me

Rated: 17+ | Warnings: None
Main Characters: Reader, You, Jack Wilder
Genres: Action, Mystery, Romance | Story Types: One Shot
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 1012 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: It wasn't every day you were saved by mysterious hooded men who carried crowbars.

And even then, they shouldn't have been that handsome.

[Jack Wilder x reader]
Published: 2013.06.14 | Updated: 2013.06.14
Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Kingdom Hearts, One Piece, Doctor Who, Ouran High School Host Club, Star Trek, Spiderman, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Supernatural, Kuroshitsuji , The Big Bang Theory, The Hunger Games Series, The Avengers, James Bond, Now You See Me

Rated: 17+ | Warnings: Angst, Coarse Language, Fluff, Mild Adult Situations, Mild Sexual References, Mildly Explicit, Sexual Situations
Main Characters: Aragorn / Stryder, Bard, Bilbo, Boromir, Bruce Banner / Hulk, Byakuran, Daniel Atlas, Dino Cavallone, Draco Malfoy, Frodo, Harry Potter, Hibari Kyoya, James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes, Kozato Enma, Kyoya, Legolas, Loki, Other, Peeta Mellark, Peter Parker / Spiderman, Phil Coulson, Reader, Rokudo Mukuro, Roxas, Sam Winchester, Sebastian Michaelis, Steve Rogers / Captain America, Terra, The Doctor, Thor Odinson, Tony Stark / Iron Man, Xanxus, Yamamoto Takeshi, You, Sanji
Genres: Fluff, Romance | Story Types: Collection, Reader Insert, WIP
Length: 53 chapter(s) / 103564 words | Complete: No

Summary: All it takes a bit of effort and you'll get there someday yourself.

Requests OPEN

In response to the "160 Collective Drabbles" challenge by BobaPop.
Published: 2013.12.08 | Updated: 2018.02.17
Now You See Me

Rated: 17+ | Warnings: None
Main Characters: Reader, You, Jack Wilder
Genres: Humor, Romance | Story Types: One Shot
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 796 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: His card tricks were impressive, you'd give him that.

[Jack Wilder x reader]
Published: 2013.06.08 | Updated: 2013.06.08

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