Bringing in the New Year with a Bang!
Posted by Shade
01/01/18 - 05:07PM
Welcome to 2018 Lunatics! Let's get this new year started off with a bang!

One way we can do that is by continuing to donate to our fundraiser! Find out more here and help us make sure that Luna sticks around for years to come!

Our featured stories for January will get this party started with the theme of Festivities! Congratulations to all of you for being featured!

Masquerade Mansion by Cleanvengeance (Axis Powers Hetalia, 17+)
Apple Cider by yami sango (Yu-Gi-Oh!, 13+)

Next month is LGBTQ+ History Month (celebrated in the UK in February and the US & Canada in October). As such, our nomination theme for February will be LGBTQ+ stories! Hop on over here to nominate your favorites!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Anonymous Fictrade last month! All of the entries were amazing! Head on over to the Mysterious Anon account to guess who wrote what because come February they will be moved to their author's profile!

Thank you to bobo-is-tha-bomb for the contribution to December's featured challenge! Check out Desolate Melody (Gundam Wing, 17+).

This month, our featured challenge is Resolutions. For more information, hop on over to the forum.

Finally, we would like to remind you that decorative titles are not acceptable! This means any extra symbols (or use of symbols instead of letters) is not allowed. These symbols often don't display correctly across all platforms and pages of the site. It's also rude to our dyslexic and visually impaired readers who may being using audio-assistive technology that can't read them.

Additionally, do not put pairings or fandoms in your titles! We have categories and characters for a reason. It's much easier to find your story if you follow all the categories rather than put them in the title! So please, keep your titles simple!

Have a good one, Lunatics!


Snow Way Am I Passing Up On This Pun
Posted by Goodfellow
12/01/17 - 05:51PM
Alright lunatics, December is here, which means another month of cheer!

Please remember to spread some of that holiday cheer by donating to the fundraiser, if you can. It is only through the help of our lovely members that we’re able to bring Lunaescence to life! You can find information on the fundraiser and how you can help out here!

Events & Challenges!

Our nomination theme for December’s featured stories was All-Time Favourites! The nominations were the following:

Welcome to the MKSFC! by DragonSilk (Yu-Gi-Oh, 13+)
Ransom by AchievingEnterprise (Persona 5, All)
Unseen World by ShadowQueen1815 (Katekyo Hitman Reborn, 17+)

Excellent work everybody!

Our nomination theme for January’s featured stories is "Festivities!". Nominate any story that involves any kind of festivities or partying by clicking here!

Our featured challenge for November was the Look Twice challenge. Unfortunately I had to look twice to believe we had no submissions!

Our featured challenge for December is the New Leaf Challenge! For more information click here!

The event for this month will be an Anonymous Fic Trade! For more information, or to sign up, click here!

Closing Comments

With the holidays nearly upon us, and in some cases exams too, it is not uncommon for many of us to feel overwhelmed with life and all the stress that accompanies it. Remember that it’s important to take some time for yourself! Self care is vital to maintaining a healthy state of mind. Take a walk, sit in silence and breath, have a day off with a friend or on your own, but remember to slow down and take care of yourself. And remember, you can always reach out to Lunaescence as a community if you need support!

Shine on!


Sweater Weather is Best Weather
Posted by Caraina
11/03/17 - 08:12AM
November has come!
Autumn colors, warm clothes, and more holidays approach.

Our fundraiser is now one year old. Please please keep donating, spreading the word, and checking back. We’re not asking that you empty your wallets, but any little bit you can give will help. After a year, we are not even halfway to our goal ($4,513 out of $10,000), so please please keep donating!

As always, a hearty thank you to all of you who have been spreading the word and giving. We cannot do this without you guys (literally).
To donate, go check out our to our GoFundMe page here!
Keep in mind that those who donate will receive some special privileges on the site, as well as potentially some goodies! Please click here for more information on the fundraiser and how you can participate!

Front Desk

We hope everyone is enjoying the new Front Desk component of Lunaescence! If you haven’t checked it out yet, click here to take a look around! We have some shiny new features available in the Front Desk, such as a dictionary, author blogs, and the forums, in which everybody in the community is welcome to participate in.

Events & Challenges!

Our nomination theme for November’s featured stories was Feels Like Fall! Unfortunately, we did not receive any nominations this month.

Our nomination theme for December's featured stories is "All-Time Favorites". Have a story you desperately love? Time to let the world know! Click here to nominate a story!

Our featured challenge for October was the Haunt challenge. We had one response:

Just a Wisp of Hope by Lukewarm_Yeti (Fantasy, Supernatural & Horror, All)

Our featured challenge for November is the Look Twice Challenge! For more information click here!

The event for this month will be a Prompt Challenge! For more information, or to sign up, click here!

Closing Comments

The site was down for a moment there, as the email server had gotten backed up with a fair number of spam messages. We got it all sorted out now, but we had to reset to October 31st so we may have lost some content. Double check, if you have posted in the last few days, to make sure your posts are all there. If you can’t find it, it does need to be reposted.

Thank you for understanding!

Happy November, everyone!



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