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okay to start off ... i really dont know what to say about myself except.
my names bryna , im  19  i have 1 brother ,1  sister and  1  mom and dad obviously... , im shy and quiet at first but once i get warmed up im a totally a whole diffrent person , ummm im sweet, caring and random and sarcastic at the most point lol . 
i hate seeing people being bullied , im not judgemental so i dont judge wether your black, white, gay, straight, or from a diffrent planet , if you wanna be my friend your more then welcome to :D and i ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!!! helping people with their problems it sorta gives me a warm feeling inside !!!!!! :D but yeah im a HUGE fan of JOHN CENA !! he's my role model and inspiration

im a christian i believe in god .. but i dont go to church so yeah either way .
but antyway i go by diffrent nicknames , like ish, midget, skittles and minni me , why? ..because i only stand at a current hight of 4'9 so yeah thats were the name midget comes in .. but i dont really let it bother to me because in true reality im not short im FUN SIZE!!!!!!!!! :D  but anywho thats enough about me sooo feel free to follow or message me or what not and i will try my best to get back at cha . XD

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