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I\'m just going to jump right into this, okay? Okay.

Age: Nineteen years old, baby!

Height: Five feet and eight inches.

Hair and Eye Colours: Blonde hair, green eyes.


Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw.

All are united under Misha.
Feel the Misha.
Be the Misha.

I live a Derek Hale appreciation life.



It\'s nothing but pain, unbelievably good-looking men, more pain, beer, salt, sexy cars, MANPAIN and simmering UST between Dean and Castiel. What\'s not to love?

Teen Wolf
This show ruined my life. I thought it was just going to be a fun little show about werewolves. I was so wrong.

This show is flawless. Superb acting, dialogue, casting, locations, everything. Gah, I love it so much. IT\'S COMING BACK LIKE SLIM SHADY. I CAN\'T WAIT.

Good Omens

Hawaii Five-0
I started watching it two weeks ago and I\'m on the third season now. What does that tell you?

The Avengers/Avengers Assemble

Hetalia: Axis Powers, World Series, The Beautiful World


Transformers: G1, The Aligned Continuity, The Unicron Trilogy (but not Energon. Never Energon. Ugh.)

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Assassin\'s Creed: I, II, Brotherhood, Revelations

The Hobbit/The Lord of the Rings

Favourite Characters (i.e. the ones that make me emotionally volatile and prone to wailing):

Castiel (Supernatural)

Dean Winchester (Supernatural)

Derek Hale (Teen Wolf)
He is genuinely my favourite character ever. He\'s been dealt such a horrible hand in life and he makes such bad choices. All I want is for him to have one nice day. Just one day when someone isn\'t trying to kill, capture, torture or use him. Probably won\'t happen because Jeff Davis is a sadist who enjoys watching him suffer.

\"Stiles\" Stilinski (Teen Wolf)
My snarky little genius with the honey eyes.

Starscream (every single Transformers continuity that has ever been)
He\'s been my favourite since I was three and first watched the G1 movie from the 1980s and he\'s just stuck. Nothing will remove him from this list. Ever.

Alta´r Ibn-La\'Ahad (Assassin\'s Creed)
I hated him for a while because, well, he\'s an asshole, but then something happened and now he\'s my baby. I actually love him so much.

Malik A-Sayf (Assassin\'s Creed)
One does not simply hear Malik\'s epic amounts of sass and not love him.

Ezio Auditore da Firenze (Assassin\'s Creed II, Brotherhood, Revelations)
We share the same birthday. We\'re practically family, guys.

Leonardo da Vinci (Assassin\'s Creed II, Brotherhood)
I am not ashamed to say that I started another save file during AC: II just because I missed the Ezio/Leonardo bro hug. I missed the QuickTime event, dudes. Ugh, I felt awful. I mean, have you seen Leo\'s \"denied a hug\" face? He looks like a kicked puppy.

Crowley (Good Omens)
He\'s actually kind of a sweetheart, y\'know, for a demon.

Aziraphale (Good Omens)
He\'s so passive-aggressive then he gets shit done.

Prussia (Hetalia: Axis Powers, World Series, The Beautiful World)
I kind of want to punch him right in the face because he\'s a dick but he\'s my favourite regardless.

Steve McGarrett (Hawaii Five-0)
SuperSEAL is actually a six-foot-something wall of adorable muscle and tattoos.

Danny \"Danno\" Williams (Hawaii Five-0)
He is my spirit animal.

Gilbert Nightray (Pandora Hearts)
[gross sobbing]

Sinding (The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim)
Let\'s not talk about my bizarro crush on him, m\'kay?

Favourite Actors:

Misha Collins
His birthname is amazing; Dmitri Tippens Krushnic; plus those eyes, sweet baby Jesus.

Jensen Ackles
He has the facial structure of a god.

Jared Padalecki
He\'s six feet and four inches of adorable moose with a face of pure sunshine. Seriously, he looks like a lion had a baby with the sun.

Dylan O\'Brien
If you\'re not even a little attracted to him then you\'re wrong. I mean, have you seen his everything? I genuinely cannot look at his face for more than five seconds without turning a delightful shade of burgundy. I endured an episode of New Girl just to see him in it. I hate that programme so darned much but I WILL WATCH IT FOR HIM.

Tyler Hoechlin
He\'s built like a bear and is an actual cupcake. Seriously, he should not be that cute, considering he plays the Sourwolf. There\'s a reason my tag for him on Tumblr is \"person: sunshine and sprinkles.\" He is honestly the most adorable human being ever. I cannot deal with him.

Favourite Pairings (i.e. the ships in my armada):

(Quick note: I do not multi-ship. If I pair a certain character with another then that. is. it. I don\'t ship them with anyone else. That ship is it for me.)

Dean Winchester/Castiel
One does not simply ignore the Profound Bond. I will go down with this ship. OTP of all my OTPs. The Battleship.

\"Stiles\" Stilinski/Derek Hale
If Destiel is the Captain then Sterek is the First Lieutenant of my armada. Seriously, guys, my love for this pairing is immense.

Words cannot describe my love for these two. Gah, babies. Who move into a cottage in the South Downs after the books ending. Yeah, totally not together.

John Watson/Sherlock Holmes
I am so not prepared for their reunion. Tears will flow and punches exchanged.

Malik A-Sayf/Alta´r Ibn-La\'Ahad

Steve McGarrett/Danny \"Danno\" Williams

Oz Vessalius/Gilbert Nightray

Ichigo Kurosaki/Rukia Kuchiki
Shipped them hard ever since I stepped into the franchise. I ain\'t even mad, bro.

Ten/Rose Tyler
I don\'t even know if I ship-ship them anymore. I just know that they\'ve been there long enough to deserve being here.

Makato Tachibana/Haruka Nanase
I don\'t even watch this f*cking show. Tumblr made me ship it.

Not much to say about these two other than they fill my heart with great joy.

Derek\'s Camaro/Stiles\' Jeep (Jeemaro)
Don\'t look at me like that, you know you ship it, too. I\'m shipping cars. seNd HeLP seriously screw the toyota right in the exhaust pipe

Favourite Quotes, Snippets of Dialogue from TV Shows, Films, Video Games and Books:

Derek: \"Uh, Stiles?\"
Stiles: \"What?!\"
Derek: \"This?\" [holds up a t-shirt] \"No fit!\"
(Teen Wolf, 1.09, \"Wolfsbane\")

Derek: \"I\'m gonna kill both of you! What the hell was that? What are you trying to do? Attract the entire state to the school?\"
Scott: \"Sorry, I didn\'t know it would be that loud.\"
Stiles: \"Yeah, it was loud... and it was awesome!\"
Derek: \"Shut up.\"
Stiles: \"Don\'t be such a sourwolf.\"
(Teen Wolf, 1.06, \"Heart Monitor\")

[Stiles and Derek in the Jeep; Derek\'s been shot with a Wolfsbane bullet and is all manners of screwed up]
Derek: \"Start the car. Now.\"
Stiles: \"Yeah, I don\'t think you should be barking orders with the way you look, okay? And in fact, I think if I wanted to, I could probably drag your little werewolf ass out into the middle of the road and leave you for dead!\"
Derek: \"Start the car. Or I\'m going to rip your throat out. With my teeth.\"
[glare at each other until Stiles starts the Jeep]
(Teen Wolf, 1.04, \"Magic Bullet\")

[a paralysed Stiles falls on top of an already paralysed Derek]
Derek: [through gritted teeth] \"Get him off of me.\"
Matt: \"Oh, I don\'t know, Derek, I think you two make a pretty good pair.\"
(Teen Wolf, 2.10, \"Fury\") (otherwise known as \"the episode where Matt ships Sterek\")

[Castiel saves Dean from Zachariah]
Dean: \"That was pretty nice timing, Cas.\"
Castiel: [smiles softly] \"We had an appointment.\"
Dean: [clasps Castiel\'s shoulder] \"Don\'t ever change.\"
(Supernatural, 5.04, \"The End\")

Castiel: \"Read the bible. Angels are warriors of God. I\'m a soldier.\"
(Supernatural, 4.02, \"Are You There, God? It\'s Me, Dean Winchester\")

Castiel: \"I\'m the one who gripped you tight and raised you from Perdition.\"
(Supernatural, 4.01, \"Lazarus Rising\")

Dean: \"What\'s the word, Cas?\"
Castiel: [utterly deadpan] \"It\'s a shortened version of my name.\"
(Supernatural, 8.08, \"Hunteri Heroici\")

Dean: \"Plan C tanked.\"
Crowley: \"Maybe you should try Plan D for Dumbass.\"
(Supernatural, 8.02, \"What\'s Up, Tiger Mommy?\")

Dean: \"Cas... we\'re family. We need you. I need you.\"
(Supernatural, 8.17, \"Goodbye Stranger\")

Mary Winchester: [to Dean] \"Angels are watching over you.\"
(Supernatural, 5.13, \"The Song Remains the Same\")
Castiel: [to Dean] \"I\'ll watch over you.\"
(Supernatural, 8.08, \"Hunteri Heroici\")

Sherlock: \"We\'ve got a serial killer on our hands. Love those, there\'s always something to look forward to.\"
(Sherlock, 1.01, \"A Study in Pink\")

Kids! Bringing about Armageddon can be dangerous. Do not attempt it in your own home.
(Good Omens)

He [Aziraphale] ought to call Heaven. He wanted to call Crowley.
(Good Omens)

Stuff you don\'t actually want to know but I\'m going to put here anyway:

I\'m so untalented it\'s almost sad.

I am prone to frequent outbursts of feels at random points throughout the day.

I tend to get incredibly emotionally involved with characters.

I\'m kind of a stand-offish mother hen/mama bear.

At this point in time my personality is basically 76% Derek Hale feels. The rest is fanfiction, macaroni cheese, soup and Skyrim.

I have playlists that are basically just for my OTPs so I can have a shower and wallow in misery.

I read far, far too much fanfiction.

I work in a kilt shop.

I\'ve put roughly ~380 hours into a single Skyrim character. I honestly have no life.

I genuinely hate going out to bars on a night out. Drunk people make me incredibly uncomfortable and it\'s always so damned loud. I\'d much rather go for lunch or out for tea and the cinema if I\'m forced into socialising.

I either finish a book in a couple of hours or it sits, festering, in the corner for any length of time. I believe the record is something like 14 months.

Coincidently, \"festering\" is one of my favourite words, purely because it\'s really nice to say out loud. The same with \"serendipity\", \"melancholy\" and \"pestilence.\"

Eh, I have nothing else to offer you people.

Off you pop.

Axis Powers Hetalia

Rated: 13+ | Warnings: Angst, Drug References, Fluff, Mild Adult Situations, Mild Sexual References, Product of High Sugar Intake, Strong Language
Main Characters: England, Germany, Reader, Various, You
Genres: Angst, Comedy, Drama, Fluff, Friendship, General, Historical Fantasy, Humor, Romance | Story Types: Drabble, Ficlet, General, One Shot, Reader Insert, Song-Fic
Length: 2 chapter(s) / 1758 words | Complete: No

Summary: Previously named "Shuffle Around The World".

This is the result of a mutual challenge between my good friend thecameraslyingxx and myself.

These will most probably range from short drabbles to full one-shots that will be inspired by the various songs on thecameraslyingxx's iPod.

Requests are welcomed and most definitely needed! Just drop me a character in a review and I will write for them to the best of my ability! No OCs.

#1: Germany
#2: pirate!England {1/?} [request]

In the planning stages/partly written:
#3: pirate!England {2/?}
#4: Spain
#5: North Italy [request]
Published: 10/10/11 | Updated: 11/08/11
Axis Powers Hetalia

Rated: All | Warnings: Product of High Sugar Intake
Main Characters: America, Reader, You
Genres: Comedy, Fluff, Friendship, General, Humor, Romance | Story Types: Drabble, Reader Insert
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 123 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: Because, apparently,

pizza = vegetable.

America x Reader
Published: 02/09/12 | Updated: 02/10/12
Axis Powers Hetalia

Rated: 13+ | Warnings: Fluff, Mild Adult Situations, Mild Sexual References, Product of High Sugar Intake, Silliness
Main Characters: Prussia, Reader, Various, You
Genres: Comedy, Fluff, Friendship, General, Romance | Story Types: Alternative Universe, General, Reader Insert
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 148 words | Complete: No

Summary: You liked to think of yourself as a fairly tolerant, easy-to-get-along-with kind of girl.

Unfortunately, one of your new housemates is not a fairly tolerable, easy-to-get-along-with kind of guy.

[ Prussia / Reader ]
[ Alternate Universe: University - Human Names Used ]
Published: 01/06/13 | Updated: 01/06/13
Axis Powers Hetalia

Rated: 17+ | Warnings: Angst, Death, Fluff, Mild Adult Situations, Mild Sexual References, OOC, Product of High Sugar Intake, Silliness, Violence
Main Characters: Austria, France, Hungary, Prussia, Spain, Various, You
Genres: Action, Angst, Comedy, Death, Drama, Family, Fluff, Friendship, General, Humor, Romance, Suspense, War | Story Types: Reader Insert
Length: 3 chapter(s) / 6196 words | Complete: No

Summary: Right, let's say you're a country. Make one up, it will make things easier! Now, let's say that your said country is not doing so well on the economic ladder. As a result of this, you're rather... cranky.

What do you do when a certain arrogant, egotistical jackass strolls into your life and openly insults you then proceeds to leave?

Why, you join his army to prove him wrong of course(?)!

Oh, poor, poor Reader. You really didn't think this through, did you?

[Pairing: eventual!Reader x Prussia]

{On Haitus due to lack of inspiration.}
Published: 06/03/11 | Updated: 09/04/11

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