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My nameís Mariah. Iím in middle school and I love reading and writing. I use to be on but that site is no longer running so I decided to put all of my stuff here!

Iíll go a head and get this out of the way now so that no one has to ask me later. I am blind. I donít mind people asking me about it, so feel free. I have been blind sense I was born. I am using a computer program that reads everything thatís on the screen. It has a habit of not doing some things right so Iím sorry for any mistakes Iíll make because of it.

Alright, now that thatís out of the way, on to the cooler stuff!!

Iím a major scatter brain and Iím very random. I hate being organized and so I never am. The only time I ever bother to make sure things are in order is when I write.

I do a ton of writing but I have a habit of starting a story and then not coming back to it for months. Sorry in advance for that. I hate it when other authors do it and Iíll most likely be doing it a lot myself.

Ummm, I love anime almost as much as I love writing. I have seen just about every anime that is in English. I canít read subtitles so the ones that are in other languages do me not good. My all time favorite anime are Naruto and Inuyasha!! I love a ton more!!

Now, as for reading, I do a lot of that on tape or CD. I do read some in Braille, but it makes my fingers hurt and it takes forever!! Iíve read a lot of books and Iím always ready for another good read! My all time favorite book would have to be Twilight!!! But there are several others that come in very close!

Some of my friends started a joke that I was going to take over the world with my army of cats, I have 4, so if you hear me rambling on about taking over the world, youíll know what Iím talking about.

Well, Iím starting to get tired, itís one in the morning and Iíve been typing all day. Iím going to bed, good night!!


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