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Party til ya pass out, drink til ya dead!
dance all night til ya can\'t feel your legs.

- x ; -

August 30; 2012.
feeling ; content
update ; sunyeon/jonghyun -- crushed.
listening to ; countdown, shinee.

what\'s going on?

So...yeah. :|
As of recently, I haven\'t been writing as much. I just haven\'t had the time. Working and going to school sucks. ;~;
But never fear! I\'ll be uploading all the things I have written during my absence. They\'re mainly little snippets of things, but they\'re something.
I posted a scene from a story idea I got featuring the dumb vocalist from SHINee, Kim Jonghyun. c:
So uh, yeah. Check that out when you get the chance! (:

You\'re as sleek as the words you speak.
Now you\'re riding on the shoulders of the weak.

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i\'m miranda. i\'ve got dreams, hope, and ambitions. please don\'t let me down.

the necessities.

age; that eighteen life.
personality; I\'m pretty easy to get along with, or so I\'d like to believe. I\'m loud and very obnoxious. I like to compliment others and yeah. I\'m bad at describing myself. I won\'t bite your head off though. Drop me a line!
hobbies; writing, photography, gaming, bowling, and singing randomly in the presence of other people.
style of writing; I usually write in either 1st or 2nd point of view. More recently though, I\'ve done some 2nd point of view and third.

We strip each others beauty and we push it til the end;
we face each other smiling and leave it all unsaid.

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| favorites |

anime/manga: higurashi no naku koro ni, death note, yugioh, inuyasha, beast master, black cat, kaichou wa maid-sama!, ghost stories, slayers.
video games: final fantasy, devil may cry, silent hill, resident evil, star ocean, legend of zelda, kingdom hearts, fire emblem, parasite eve, the world ends with you, bioshock, pokemon.
books: hush hush, ring, BATTLE ROYALE, fifty shades of grey.
movies: anything hayao miyazaki/studio ghilbi, heaven\'s postman, ju on, se7en, boondock saints, nightmare on elm street, the covenant, kill bill, corpse bride, chakushi ari, ringu, the cat, a moment to remember.
music: shinee, boa, cnblue, all time low, escape the fate, the veronicas, automatic loveletter, mayday parade,, girls\' generation, mblaq, after school, fall out boy, panic! at the disco, chester see, f(x), exo, the academy is..., chiaki kuriyama, dead cool dropouts, envy on the coast, faber drive, framing hanley, ftisland, hey monday, the hush sound, IU, jay park, ss501, kyarypamyupamyu, ns yoonji, paramore, kahi, porcelain and the tramps, scandal, shibasaki kou, silbermond, sistar, utada hikaru, vocaloid, william beckett, 2ne1, 4minute.

if you have a common interest, feel free to talk to me! (:

Would you believe me if I said I didn\'t need you?
\'Cause I wouldn\'t believe you if you said the same to me.

x - - ;;

Freedom of Speech!
kpop tumblr
personal tumblr

So vindictive, you\'ll say anything you like.
The smile you fake, the steps you take; you know you never could get it right.


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