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Hello, and welcome to mah lair..!
Enter at your own risk!

Now, a little bit about me


\"\"Real Name: My full name sucks, so just keep it to Amu. *shifty eyes* Please take care of me! *bows*

Age: 21

Occupation: College Student/Security Secretary.../Splunker (MY DREAM!)

Birthday: November 4, 1988

Studying: Criminology/Art History

Ambition: To find some ambition. *tragic sigh*

Music Style: To be honest, I love all kinds of music... everything has something unique and special to offer. So I love all forms... I\'m too lazy to choose favorites. And yes, that does include bluegrass and rap, dears. Personally I play the flute, which is mah baby. I played in the band for a few years before I remembered that I was lazy. XD

Hobbies?: Writing, reading... all that nerdish stuff. I spend a ton of time on the computer, simply because I\'m a nerd. I enjoy going into random antique shops for kicks, making faces at babies, and sailboating. I hang out with my dorm buddies 89% of the time during the school year, and get my kicks from spontaneously bursting into song and dance routines. I collect cigar boxes and camels from other countries, which is more fun then it initially sounds. I watch anime and read manga more then is healthy, I\'m sure, and I love playing video games, but enjoy watching others play them even more. I love to cosplay and design outfits; some of my favorite memories are of masquerade balls, which are just more awesome then awesome.

Favorite Animes: Fullmetal Alchemist, Inuyasha, Cowboy Bebop, Princess Tutu... eh, there are a lot of them, actually. The only ones I\'m not a huge fan of are sports anime and Naruto... sorry, but I just can\'t get into the ninjas. Why the heck does he wear orange anyway..?

Favorite Manga: BEAST MASTER!!!!, Black Cat, +Anima, Absolute Boyfriend, Pandora Hearts, Skip Beat... again, there are bunches. ^.^

Style: I don\'t have one. I\'m too... lazy... *sigh* And I\'m also beginning to sound monotonous. I am in admiration of a lot of styles, though. I love elegance, steam punk, dark, light, shiny... especially that last one. ^_^v But for me; just jeans and T shirts. *sweat drop*

Romantic Status: Single; I like a guy and am kinda a hopeless romantic, but I\'m really, really not looking to have a relationship at the moment. Yeah, my life\'s like a bad sitcom; so sue me. X.X

And yeah, that\'s about it... talking about myself is weird. On to better things!


Checking In :: The News

March 15, 2013:

Mood: *cursing*
Listening to: SILENCE!
Reading: A book on Celtic mythology. It\'s nifty!
Watching: Sailor Moon English Dubb, Ep. 156 (maybe?)
Thinking About: How much I hate technology.
Current Fangirl Obsession: *sings* She is the one named Sailor Moon..! STILL!


Okay, sports fans; tis I! Attempting to reanimate after a long, long delay... yes, this is still happening. There has been a temporary setback, but it\'s still happening, damn it..! *_o

So: the lappy that I have had for years died on me at long last. Good news! I knew it was coming and had the money to buy a new one! Bad news! I remembered/managed to back up everything but my revisions and content for my fanfics. FAILURE. -_-; SO. The posting WILL begin again here. Out of sheer insanity, if nothing else. But I\'ll be a little slower than I thought; I have to go rewrite my planning and chapters and...

Okay, I\'m back to cursing again. *shakes fist at the sky*

Thanks for your patience, guys! I\'m going to be slow, but the stories will come! I\'ll be back to update series statuses very soon!

Unlucky in Love..?: TBA!

Operation Dating Roxas..!: The rewrite of series 1 is complete! I\'ll be getting it up within the next few days, so look for it. I\'ll post a chapter to the end of the series to let you all know when the rewrite replacement is complete. Then I\'ll finally be free to focus on the sequel! Yay!

Turning Tears to Roses: TBA


Back from the Dark: TBA

Eve And...: TBA

TOR: I had a sudden resurgence of love for this series and the characters that have been my babies almost longer then I can remember; they are going to be staying. There might be some, you guessed it, rewrites... but not much. This story needs to be written, Naomi needs to be expressed, and I need to come to a lovey-dovey conclusion. XD Look for it!

That sums it all up, I think. Thanks for stopping by... oh, and click the below kitty! I want her to become an evil overlord. *nodnod*


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Series Name: A Key for Your Heart
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Love Interest: Sora
OC: \"you\" ; Kumiko
Age: 16 (ish)
Home World: Wonderland
Occupation: Guardian of the Keyblade/Keyblade Master; Student
Weapon: Keyblade… in a way. ^_^
Accessories/Special Items: She wears a gold metal necklace with a heart pendant
Abilities: Heart Merger, Rave Rush, Aquatic Sonata, Ultima
Personality: Kumiko is a sweet, innocent creature. She is determined and loyal, willing to give up anything to protect her friends. She is mostly complacent in nature, taking what misfortunes that befall her as past of her destiny and doing nothing to prevent them. She puts others before herself so often that it’s almost a complex, and when she is in pain she keeps it to herself. She is not afraid to fight when it comes down to it, and is incredibly intelligent thanks to the powers she received. She is very perceptive when it comes to people she cares about, and her childish nature make her friends easily. She is deeply and completely in love with Sora, and spends a lot of time trying to spare him physical and emotional pain.
Likes: Calm days, the Cheshire Cat, memories, dancing
Dislikes: Darkness, corruption, fighting
Alliance: Light/Goodness
Other OCs that Appear in this Series: Adiana, possibly Estelle
Fanart: Kumiko Sketch by crescentanime666, Kumiko and Sora Dancing in the Beast\'s World, Limit Battle! Zenith and Kumiko Merge!, by crescentanime666, Sora and Kumiko Cuddle, by crescentanime666, Colored Kumiko, by Celestia Yume, Sora and Kumiko, Christmas One Shot Divergence!, Peaceful Kumiko Sketch, by Haruaki

& & &

Series Name: Operation Dating Roxas..! and Operation Dating Roxas..! {Sequel 1} Let The Curtain Fall
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Love Interest: Roxas
OC: \"she\" ; Adiana
Age: 16 (ish)
Home World: Darkness, Twilight Town, respectively
Occupation: Student, General Mischief Maker
Weapon: Dark Keyblade
Accessories/Special Items: None other then the DKB
Abilities: Genius IQ, plotting and manipulation of others
Personality: Rather complex…she is extremely intelligent, and as a result of which is often cocky, confident, and proud. She often gives off the impression that she is better then others, something she is completely aware of and often uses to her advantage. She usually can be seen smiling because she enjoys being in control of the situation. Since she can predict the most likely outcome of any situation, she’s rather manipulative, not afraid to use a person’s emotions and feelings against them. She usually comes across as heartless… but is actually the exact opposite. She is actually caring and thoughtful, and cherishes Kumiko’s memories… but has instilled within her a deep moral code that states that she is a monster and should not exist. She has a deep dislike for herself, and when she decides to hate something, she seeks that thing’s complete destruction with remarkable stubbornness. All other morals… are mostly ignored with extreme enthusiasm. ^.^;
Likes: Things to go her way, books, evenings, balance, Roxas (usually xD)
Dislikes: Modgnik Straeh, loosing control, unguarded feelings
Alliance: Always to herself first; light/dark or good/bad is up for interpretation
Other OCs that Appear in this Series: Kumiko

& & &

By queendolfin


Series Name: So Dictionary...
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Love Interest: Sora
OC: \"you\" ; Manami
Age: 15
Home World: Destiny Islands
Occupation: Student/Aspiring Writer
Weapon: None
Accessories/Special Items: A notebook and pen!
Abilities: Writing and getting herself into the most awkward of situations
Personality: A nice, normal, every-day kind of girl, Manami is best described as generally quiet and thoughtful. She’s had a rough beginning at the hands of her father, and because of that she deeply appreciates her friend-centered relationship with her mother. She tends to be easily bullied into doing things she doesn’t want to do, and readily admits to having a very guilty conscience; doing bad things isn’t in her nature. She can be a bit resentful and is more then a little quick to jump to conclusions. All the same, she is a good friend, if not a little insecure about herself.
Likes: Writing, sunny days, Sora
Dislikes: Drama, lying, indecision
Alliance: None… but you know, if she were in that position, she’d be for the good guys. ^_^
Other OCs that Appear in this Series: None

& & &

TTR 2 By queendolfin

Series Name: Turning Tears to Roses
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Love Interest: Riku
OC: Estelle
Age: 16
Home World: Traverse Town
Occupation: Heartless Hunter/Crusader
Weapon: An old sword that once belonged to her father
Accessories/Special Items: A crystal star necklace that she’s had since before she can remember, a leather bound book, her sword
Abilities: High comprehension rate, intuitive
Personality: A kind girl at heart, Estelle has been slightly warped by her lack of memories. She is disturbed by their absence, and often questions her existence in relevance to her home world. Due to her insecurities she can be rather hot tempered and doesn’t trust easily. Estelle is very driven by her intuition, making most if not all decision on her gut rather then her brain. She also puts extreme emphasis on dreams, since they are what she has in place of memories. A take-action sort of person, she doesn’t enjoy being told she’s wrong. She hates to loose and can be extremely stubborn, but once her loyalties are won she can be a true friend.
Likes: Travel, day dreaming, swordplay, reading, adventure, heights, her brother Avery
Dislikes: Darkness, Heartless, her brother’s fan girls, arrogance
Alliance: Light/Heartless Hunters
Other OCs in this Series: None

& & &

Love is When... By lyssalightwing | Blurry Duo... By LournaAsakura | By x0MissUnderstood0x | By Ekanfrutu
By skyninja | Angel Banner By abibliophobia | Time For... By AnonymousSong

Series Name: Unlucky in Love
Fandom: Black Cat
Love Interest: Train Heartnet
OC: Angel Diskenth
Age: 23
Home Town: Unknown even to her
Occupation: Government Spy
Weapon: Orichalcum wings and orichalcum feathers
Accessories/Special Items: Dog tags once worn by her son Maverick
Abilities: High comprehension rate, intuitive, a good grasp of how to make physics work for her.
Personality: Angel is a strong, independent woman who is living in the shadow of her extremely shady past. She does not wear her heart on her sleeve; though she can appear as optimistic and caring as the situation requires she rarely shares her true thoughts. Due to her upbringing and loss she is a rather careful, suspicious person; very few people can get close to her emotionally or physically. She has few friends and doesn\'t care; she is her own closest friend. Angel is extremely confident in her abilities and hates to be outgunned or outmaneuvered -- this is seen as a sign of weakness to her. Underneath her shell she is rather caring, but one must get past the sarcasm and bitterness to see it. Though not by any means a happy person, Angel is a self-starter and wants nothing more then to escape the cages her past and situation keep casting around her.
Likes: Being on the move, independence, birds, optimistic people
Dislikes: Metaphorical cages, tyrants, Chronos, Train Heartnet (XD), memories
Alliance: Whatever suits her best at the moment
Other OCs in this Series: Marilyn, Maverick, Ace


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