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Name: ShadowDragolf
Alias: Vadise
Status: Author
Join Date: 02/17/08
Last Logged In: 02/18/13
Skin: Shinigami_HPB
Contact: MSN IM
Username: ShadowDragolf
Nickname: Shadow-chan or SD-chan
Muse(s): Devecent and Xaramedael
Age: 19
Location: Somewhere in the U.S.
Favorite Characters: Itachi Uchiha (Naruto), Yuu Kanda, Alma Karma, Lavi, Cross Marian (DGM), Rufus Barma, Vincent Nightray (Pandora Hearts), Vincent Valentine, Rufus ShinRa (FFVII), Vergil, Dante (DMC), Kisuke Urahara, Aizen Sousuke (Bleach), Genjyo Sanzo, Homura Taishi, and Hazel Grouse (Saiyuki) [just to name a few ^^0].
Current Character Obsessions: Yuu Kanda (DGM), Vergil (DMC), Rufus Barma (Pandora Hearts).


Half Dead (Not particularly happy with this right now. I\'ll probably scrap it and try again later...)

Summary: As an archaeologist and treasure hunter, you\'re in pursuit of one of the greatest artifacts ever known to man. Unfortunately, the thirteen keys you need are scattered across the globe and you\'re stuck hunting them down. You\'re determined though, and you don\'t plan on giving up.

For the first time in your life, you\'re more than happy to be a dhampyr. God knows you\'d be dead if you weren\'t half already.

[ Dante | Reader | Vergil]

Devil In Disguise (Is going to undergo a good bit of editing >_>0)

Summary: You knew you loved him.

You knew he knew you loved him.

Both matters aside, you were determined to be the one woman he couldn’t have...

You also knew he was determined to prove you wrong.

[ Reader | Cross Marian ]

Possible Upcoming Stories

Dame and the Demon (Prologue is done, working on chapter one as of now...)

Summary: When your father, being a wealthy merchant, decided to take a trip overseas for the first time in twenty years, he asked his three daughters what they would like for him to bring back as gifts. Your eldest sister had requested a golden lyre. Your other older sister asked him to retrieve a crystal mirror. You, the youngest of your father’s children, just asked him to come home safely and bring you back a scarlet flower.

If you just would’ve known how much trouble that damn flower would cause, you wouldn’t have asked for anything at all. … But then again, maybe not.

A slightly twisted and macabre envisioning of “Beauty and the Beast” and “The Scarlet Flower,” where the reader takes on the role of Beauty, and our dear devil in blue is destined to be her Beast.

[ Reader | Nelo Angelo/Vergil ] and very slight [ Reader | Dante ]

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