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date ;; october 25th, 2014
currently watching ;; noooothing.
currently playing ;; tokimeki memorial girl's side 3rd story premium
current favorite song ;; "sarishinohara" by mikotop


❝ 二兎を追う者は一兎をも得ず。❞
One who chases after two hares won't catch even one.



Hello, wonderful dears, and thank you for waiting until I survived the battle field known as university up to this point. Aha, surprisingly enough, university's triggered my motivation to churn out fanfiction and scribble and just ramble on, but a little factor known as time is not blessed upon my soul -- which is why my passion has not been evident.

I was fearful of starting out such a huge new stage of life, but it isn't scary at all! We've still got procrastinators, excuse-monsters just, this time, its people who are far more wonderful, far more welcoming, and people worth spending every stressful moment with. It's just been great; I have a clear vision of my dreams once more, and most importantly, insanity has not rid me of my soul. Or maybe it has, but hey, Im not flipping tables at anyone (yet), aha!

Im currently scraping for every opportunity to finally have someone take me under their wing for a part-time job. Loans have been the worst factor of stress chewing at my mind; its more like something I want to pay back as soon as possible rather than brush it off. Once the figures start rising, I can kiss my mind goodbye. Wish me luck! Ill need all the support I can get (especially if I can snag a job at a coffee shop or something, oh my goodness, its a dream of mine).

To all those battling past heavy textbooks, I wish you luck! To those coping with any life problems, I believe in you. Life gets rough, but enjoy the small, happy moments. Dark times pass, friends, and you all have the strength to push past it! The change of the season arrived far too soon. Kinda surprising how quickly 2014 passed, huh? Or is it just me?

Hang in there -- you can do it!



on the works

1. distant traces ;; ( king of fighters rock howard );; chapter 3 -- 50% complete

2. angel ;; ( devil may cry 4 nero ) ;; chapter 23 -- 70% complete

3. lost realist ;; ( phoenix wright: ace attorney miles edgeworth ) ;; chapter 4 -- 50% complete

4. to be titled! ;; mini-series ( bleach hitsugaya toshiro )


1. cause im a gypsy ;; ( yu-gi-oh! atem ) ;; chapter 4

2. 101 moments in life ;; ( various various ) ;; chapter 11

3. reaching for the stars ;; ( yu-gi-oh! gx past!supreme king ) ;; chapter 3

coming soon

1. tracing hearts ;; mini series ( persona -- akihiko sanada )

2. digging for gold ;; mini series ( free! -- makoto tachibana )

3. burning the edges ;; one-shot ( assassin's creed -- ezio auditore )


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