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Name: Ideal Fairytale
Alias: Cookie
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/You entered my world the second you clicked on my profile./

/It\'s like being raped by a marshmallow./

Hello~ Ideal Fairytale here. My name? Just call me Cookie. :3 My real name is just oh-so-common that I don\'t want to bore you with it. I\'m a girl who is born on September 7th and my age is a two digit number. HA! Guess. :P

I\'m just your average student who has a little idea of what\'s to come in the future. I\'m also an author and if I have to describe my writing style in two words it\'ll be \'Severely Simplistic\'. :D

I specialize in writing romance genres, random craziness and sarcasm.

Most of my stories are about KHR so feel free to read them and let\'s fangirl about the general hotness of KHR boys. 8D

That\'s all. Hope you\'ll like my stuff. :)


~Ideal Fairytale~

/Flashback a bit. You\'re in the stars./

/Now go poke around, dear one./


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