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Hi, I\'m XxxPainedSmilexxX, but you can call me Millie :)

I love anime but my favorites are Naruto and Bleach.

I\'m an aspiring writer and i love to write(hence the reason why i made this account.)

Although I do love to write I\'m always busy with school and I rarely have time to right. But I try to right as much as I can.

Peace-love-and emoness XD

About me:

I\'m quiet and calm mostly but I can be rather loud and excited. I\'m a procrastinator by nature and just a wee bit lazy when it comes to school work. I love music and I love to write. People call me a nerd or a freak, but I don\'t care because freaks have the most fun! :D

I\'m usually classified as emo/goth or whatever, I don\'t like stereotypes but I refused to take part in societies norm. I have bad luck with computers so if I\'m not on here for like a month my computer crashed...yeah fixing my computer takes up and annual income of about five to ten percent (Cool i said something mathematical XD) so yeah i suck with computers. I have bad luck in general. I can\'t think of anything else to right now, I\'m really bad at explaining myself.

My favorite animes are Bleach and Naruto. My favorite, favorite anime is Naruto and my favorite characters from that anime are Naruto and Gaara. From bleach my favorite characters are Toshiro and Ichigo.

Pairings I like:
Naruto: SasuSaku, KibaHina, KankoIno, ItaSasu, Nejiten, ShikaTema, and KakaAnko.
Bleach: HitsuRan, IchiRuki, RenRuki, IchiGrim, and IshiHime.

Pairings I don\'t like:
Naruto: SakuNaru, NaruHina, KibaIno, NejiHina, and GaaMatsu.
Bleach: HitsuHina, IchiHime, IchiIshi, and RenRan.

Top five Anime\'s/Manga\'s (To me):

1.) Naruto
2.) Bleach
3.) Black Cat
4.)Full Metal Alchemist
5.) Ouran High School Host club



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