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One week until Summer Holidays hit us Aussies. Hallelujah, I can\'t wait. Two exams to sit through, and then I\'m free until grade 12. Gosh, I feel old. Every kid I see in school now, I have to stop myself from thinking, \"They must be older than me\". Because it\'s more than likely they\'re not. Wow.

Well, I\'ve gotten my bird as of two weeks ago. He\'s an Alexandrine Parakeet, and about ten weeks old. I have named him Piccolo, and I will teach him to whistle like Fantastic Mr. Fox, and bark, so I can tell everyone I meet, \"Sorry \'bout that, he thinks he\'s a dog.\" lulz =w=

So, it\'s about two thirds of a year until my grade\'s formal/prom and people are already being asked to be dates. Holy cow, why!? What if it\'s a month or so until it happens and you realise you don\'t like that person anymore!? That\'s heartbreaking! I can\'t understand teenagers sometimes. Mind you, I won\'t complain if I get asked, haha! >3>


Favourite Word(s): Retrospect, Trinket, Inglenook

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Favourite Music: Ella Fitzgerald, Norah Jones, Michael Bublé, & most Jazz.

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Axis Powers Hetalia, Durarara!!, Ao no Exorcist

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Different drabbles, one-shots and ficlets all inspired by songs that just have a classics, snazzy feel to them~ [Reader X Various ]

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