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About Moi

I Want What I Cannot Have,
But What I Can Have, I Do Not Want.
So The More I Want, The More I Suffer...
I Want,
Therefore I Weep...

On a lighter note...

Firecat87 lives amongst the Espada happily chillin in Las Noches, Huecomundo where she sips sweet wine and watches her favorite animes :)



A Fetish for Shinigami | Bleach | Grimmjow+ OC && Ichigo + OC | Progress: 40% as of 7/15/13
Black Roses | Yu Yu Hakusho | Youko Kurama + OC | Progress 10% 7/15/13
King Uncaged | Bleach | Grimmjow + OC | Progress: 5% as of 2/14/13
Of Honey and Venom | Naruto | Kakashi + OC | Progress: 75% as of 7/17/13
The Kunoichi with Murderous Intent | Naruto | Itachi + OC | Progress: 10% as of 7/15/13


To Be a Coordinator | Gundam Seed Destiny | Dearka + OC | Birthdate: 5/12/12
Prelude to an Impending Doom | Rorouni Kenshin | Kenshin + OC && Saito + OC && Aoushi + OC | Birthdate: 3/5/06
The Path to Power | Yu Yu Hakusho | Hiei + OC | Birthdate: 7/15/12
The Sweet Temptation of a Melody | Inuyasha | Sesshoumaru + OC | Birthdate: 4/15/06

Firecat87 would absolutely love to start posting the future stories above, but because she has re-written the majority of her current stories and also because she has not finished any of them (started back in 2005 on Quizilla), she will attempt to refrain herself from posting new goodies until the current stories are at least close to being finished.

Firecat87 also has sequels and prequels to write for some of the stories, and, although she would like to start on those everyday, she simply cannot because she is a scatterbrain and is easily distracted which will result in another XYZ year delay on finishing her stories. She does, however, give you her promise to finish each and every story she starts! The artwork and creativity that flows from her mind and inevitably leaks onto the computer has to be shared with the world, and she is determined to give each and every cannon character and their paired OC the utmost justice that seems to be lacking here in the fanfiction world.

Most Recent

The Kunoichi with Murderous Intent | Naruto | Itachi+ OC | Scroll 3: Coincidental Occurrences | Updated - 3/01/13

Black Roses | Yu Yu Hakusho | Youko Kurama+ OC | Stage II: Fertilization | Updated - 3/01/13


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