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Teenager. Believes in Intelligent Design, the God Almighty. Believes that words should be more than just meaningless markings on a page, that reading between the lines and seeing the depth and background of everything is important. Loves the sound of rain but hates being caught outside in it. Is optimistic yet cynical, hard-working when prompted but otherwise a lazy procrastinator. Likes chocolate. Likes meat, too. Is a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and it is not in our hands. Does not have the best self-esteem, but certainly not the worst. Has been broken, but is strong enough to keep together. Or at least, to make others (and herself) think so. Too often remembers the crunch of plastic tricycle tires against gravel, the wonderment felt when observing a spider masterfully crafting its web. Often has reminescence of the days when naptime was encouraged in school, when boys had cooties and the basic motive for life was to play and have fun as children do. Thinks back to the innocence of childhood, the simple beauty of moonbeams on the silently shifting surface on a lake, the great twinkling heavenly bodies sifted throughout the satin blanket of the night sky. Loves stories, but does not believe in fairytales. Does not believe in wishes on stars or 11:11 but thinks that it is fun, like the innocence of childhood all over again. Believes in the power of prayer. (Foolishly?) believes she is in love. Has a passion for the arts: drawing, writing, singing, the expression of the soul\'s inner dreams and ideas, gifts from God.
But overall, is in no way perfect.

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