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Name: brittany (brit)
Net Alias: gia

Age: 22
Birthday: June 09

Western Zodiac: Gimini

Yearly Zodiac Sign/Element: Ram/Sheep / / Metal
Monthly Zodiac Sign/Element: Horse / / Fire
Hourly Zodiac Sign/Element: Rabbit / / Wood

Fixed Element: Fire

Occupation: Student , Assistant

I write and draw when I get bored
Though I love to do both, I cant write or draw when told to do so
Im a tomboy and Im proud of it
I am a sucker for most romance Manga
I\'m a very young Air Force Veteran (thanks to medical things, will be going back soon though i hope)
I am a sucker for most romance Manga
I enjoy reading good teacher/student manga (with the student being the female if there\'s a female at all)
That said, I do enjoy my shounen-ai and yaoi now and then.
I am a VERY PROUD member of the Risembool Rangers!


Sunday, 11 August 2013
3:10 AM
Feeling/Mood: Tired, Excited, Depressed
- Why?: It\'s three in the morning and I\'m still up. I\'m all excited about my otome games, which I just can\'t put down. And I\'m depressed because I\'m broke. x3

Listening To: Rascal Flatts and Eyeshine~
Reading: Loveless , Bakuman , Pandora Hearts , Bleach , Pokemon Special - some others as well
Watching: Black Lagoon , Fairy Tail , Darker than Black , Amnesia , Elementary , Doctor Who , SJ Adventures - various other anime/shows
Playing: BMP for Gree , Celebrity Darling for Gree , My Sweet Bodyguard for Gree , A Few of the Shall We Date Games
Writing: Nothing in a while. I have just posted something I wrote two years ago, it\'s awaiting validation now.
Drawing: Nothing but little sketches lately.


Current Major Character Obsession: kise ryouta (knb) , izuki shun (knb) , lavi (dgm) , ootori kyouya (ohshc) , hisagi shuuhei (bleach) .
glenn (bmp) , joshua (bmp) , haru (cd) , kyosuke (cd) , goyo (dn) , sohma (dn) , hattori (dn) , mizuki (dn
enya (dn) , kippei (iyat) ,keito (kfm) , takuto (llftx) , riki (llftx) , seiki (mfw) , takao (mfw) , subaru (msb)
goto (msb) , ryoma (os) , shingo (os) , junya (os) , eduardo (pil) , nathan (pil) , chihaya (sitsc) , ryoichi (sitsc)

do you like otome games? do you play them on your phone? have you heard of destiny ninja? well, it\'s a free otome game. you should go download it. and hey, if you want some free items to give you a boost, just enter my invite id ( C4mpn93Q6E ) when you sign up.




In reality, it\'s a list of my favorite Fandoms and Male characters. That doesn\'t mean I\'ll ever write stories for them all, as some of the characters are just my favorites. An example of this would be Soubi and Kio from \'Loveless\'. Soubi and Kio are homosexual, it states it in the Manga. So, chances are, I won\'t be making stories about them since that would mean changing their characters (they could be bi- but it\'s doubtful since there\'s no hint to that).

There are also some characters that I won\'t be writing about simple because of Canon relationships and pairing that I really like. Examples for the first would be Hughes, Miroku, Asuma, Romeo, Etc. Examples for the second one would be Kisuke/Yoruichi, Shunsui/Nanao, Etc. This is not to say I won\'t write fluff with them, maybe.

So here is a key for the lists to come:
An * next to a series means I don\'t know all that much about it, so chances are I won\'t be writing about it.
An * next to a character means I\'m not too sure about the personality or something, so I probably won\'t write anything for them either.
Italics means I have a drabble/one-shot for that character.
Bold means I have a story for that character.
Underline means I\'m planning something for that character.


Bleach --> Ichimaru Gin , Kira Izuru , Kuchiki Byakuya , Abarai Renji , Kyouraku Shunsui , Hisagi Shuuhei , Hitsugaya Toushirou , Ayasegawa Yumichika , Ukitake Juushirou ; Shiba Kaien ; Coyote Starkk , Ulquiorra Cifer , Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez , Szayel Aporro Granz ; Ishida Uryuu

D.Gray-man --> Allen Walker , Komui Lee , Lavi , Reever Wenhamm , Tyki Mikk , Yuu Kanda

Digimon --> Ishida Yamato/Matt ; Takaishi Takeru/TK , Wallace/Willis ; Matsuda Takato , Rii Jenrya/Henry ; Kanbara Takuya , Minamoto Kōji , Kimura Kōichi ; Touma/Thomas H. Norstein

FullMetal Alchemist --> Edward Elric , Roy Mustang , Maes Hughes , Jean Havoc

Full Metal Panic --> Kurz Weber

Gundam 00 --> Tieria Erde , Lockon Stratos [Neil/Lyle Dylandy] , H/Allelujah Haptism , Lasse Aeon

Naruto --> Uchiha Itachi , Hatake Kakashi , Sarutobi Asuma , Deidara , Gaara , Kankurou , Nara Shikamaru , Sai , Aburame Shino

Ouran High School Host Club --> Ootori Kyouya , Hitachiin Hikaru/Kaoru , Nekozawa Umehito

Pokemon --> Red , Green (Blue for you Dubbers) , N , Shuu/Drew , Wataru/Lance , Daigo Tsuwabuki/Steven Stone , Matsuba/Morty , Denzi/Volkner

Soul Eater --> Death the Kid , Soul Eater Evans , Black Star , Franken Stein

Switch --> Kurabayashi Haru/Hal , Hiki Masataka , Kajiyama Keigo

Tokyo Mew Mew --> Kish/Dren , Shirogane Ryou/Elliot Grant , Akasaka Keiichirou/Wesley J. Coolridge

Yu-Gi-Oh! --> Jounouchi Katsuya/Joey Wheeler , Bakura Ryou , Kaiba Seto , Otogi Ryuuji/Duke Devlin , Ishtar Malik/Marik ; Manjoume Jun/Chazz Princeton , Marufuji Ryou/Zane Truesdale


Alice [SyFy] --> The Hatter

Bones --> Zackary Addy , Lance Sweets

Criminal Minds --> Derek Morgan , Spencer Reid

Doctor Who / Torchwood / SJ Adventures --> Tenth Doctor , Luke Smith , Jack Harkness , Ianto Jones

Elementary --> Sherlock Holmes

House --> James Wilson , Robert Chase , Lawrence Kutner

Numb3rs --> Don Epps , Charles Edward Epps , Colby Granger

Power Rangers --> Adam Park , Jason Scott , Thomas Oliver , Rocky DeSantos , Trip , Lucas Kendall , Eric Myers , Dustin Brooks , Hunter Bradley , Cameron Watanabe , Conner McKnight , Ethen James , Trent Fernandez , Xander Bly

Primeval --> Captain Becker , Conner Temple , Stephen Hart

Stargate SG-1 --> Jack ONeill , Daniel Jackson , Cameron Mitchell


.Hack//G.U. --> Misaki Ryou/Haseo , Kasumi Tomonari/Kuhn , Indou Masato/Ovan , Ichinose Kaoru/Endrance , Kudou Shingo/Matsu , Morino Yuuichi/Silabus

The Legend of Zelda --> Link

*Final Fantasy --> Cloud Strife , Vincent Valentine , Zack Fair , Kadaj ; Tidus , Auron , Baralai , Gippal ; Snow Villiers , Maqui , Yuj , Noctis Lucis Caelum

Megaman Battle Network --> Hikari Netto/Lan Hikari , Ijuuin Enzan/Eugene Chaud Blaze , Hikawa Tohru/Tory Froid , Laika/Raika

Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time --> Fayt Leingod , Cliff Fittir , Albel Nox

Shall We Date Games --> goyo , sohma , hattori , mizuki , enya ; masakuni ; saizo , goemon , kotaro

Voltage Otome Games --> Glenn , Joshua , Roberto , Wilfred , Zain , Jan , Luke , Yuu ; Haru , Kyosuke , Ryota , Yamada ; Kippei , Kiyoto ; Takuto , Riki , Atsumu ; Seiki , Takao , Kunihiko ; Subaru , Goto , Katsuragi , Ishigami ; Eduardo , Nathan ; Chihaya , Ryoichi , Satsuki , Yuzuki


Camp Half Blood (Percy Jackson and the Olympians & The Heroes of Olympus) --> Percy Jackson , Grover Underwood , Nico de Angelo , Jason Grace , Leo Valdez

The Hunger Games --> Gale Hawthorne , Cinna

The Kane Chronicles --> Carter Kane , Anubis

Twilight Saga --> Jasper Hale , Jacob Black


Pirates of the Caribbean --> Jack Sparrow


All series and characters belong to their rightful owners. I do not own the rights of these series or characters. I am also not making any money from these FanFictions.

I do not own you, the reader. You own yourself as much as I own myself, completely (unless, of course, you see yourself as belonging to someone?).

I do own any original characters used in my FanFictions as well as the plots I come up with. If one of my plots is similar to another you have seen, I apologize for that. Having read so many things in my life, my plots do come from those I have read and enjoyed.

Bleach, Ouran High School Host Club, Absolute Boyfriend, Gundam 00

Warnings: Fluff, OOC, Spoilers
Main Characters: Uryuu Ishida, Soushi, Gaku Namikiri, Hisagi, Grimmjow, Tieria Erde
Genres: Fantasy, Fluff, Friendship, Mecha, Romance, Science Fiction, War
Story Types: None
Open: No
This is my collection of challenges, completed or not, that I have done something for. I hope they are enjoyable, at least a little bit.

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