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Hello there people, I'm Rinnu500. You can call me Rebecca, Ritsu, Vani, Rin, Becca, pretty much anything. :)
FB page on which I'll put regular updates on my progress with stories and whatnot~~

You can also find me on and Gotv under the same penname!

This is what I'm working on:

 photo Pineapplebanner.png
[Blue Pineapples Are The Best]
[Katekyo Hitman Reborn!]
A meeting with a certain blue pineapple certainly changed your life. For better or worse, well... that's for you to decide.

ReaderxDaemon Spade

Chapter 17 [Done]
Chapter 18 [Waiting for Validation]
Chapter 19 [In Progress]

 photo angelusmorticbanner.png
[Angelus Mortis]
[Corpse Party]
"Sachiko-San onegaishimasu..."
Run and cling onto your life, for not even in his arms will you be safe...

ReaderxKizami Yuuya

Chapter 16 [In Progress]
Chapter 17 [Done]


 photo angelusvitaebanner.png

[Angelus Vitae]
[Corpse Party]
She did not run. He did not falter. Once more she was trapped. Trapped within his arms. What has fate got in store for her this time around?

[Sequel to Angelus Mortis]

ReaderxKizami Yuuya

(Book Of Shadows-verse with a twist!)

Chapter 3 [Waiting for Validation]
Chapter 4 [100%]
Chapter 5 [In Progress]

Original Character Profiles:

Oda Kiriko:

Ito Hatori:

Ano Lia:


 photo Nbanner.png
[Round And Round It Goes]
[Pokémon Black & White]
It all started on your eighth birthday...

That was when you met the future King of team Plasma, on a Ferris Wheel, no less...


Chapter 1 [Done]
Chapter 2 [Done]
Chapter 3 [In Progress]


 photo renabanner.png
[Nights By The Fire]
Spending the nights on guard duty with the various members (and stalkers) of the El search party. From Rena's POV.

Surprise Pairings

Chapter 5 [Done]
Chapter 6 [Done]
Chapter 7 [In Progress]

 photo Renabanner2.png
[Days By The Water]
Sometimes the arguing and fighting simply became too much.

And so, Rena decided to make some new friends.

... though some were rather... questionable choices...


Chapter 1 [Done]
Chapter 2 [Done]


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