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Well, I\'ve been writing fanfiction now for over nine years, and I have written for several fandoms throughout the years. These have included Star Ocean, Final Fantasies (7, 8, 9, and 12), Spiderman (movie-verse), Van Helsing, Pirates of the Caribbean, Princess Mononoke, Harry Potter, Gravitation, Gundam Wing, and the Matrix movies. Took a break from writing a few years ago and only got started back into it thanks to Dragon Age Origins, back in November (2009). Almost everything of my older works has been purged (quality control), leaving only my DA:O stuff really.

Also, I have four fanfiction locations that I write at: Lunaescence, Archive of Our Own,, and In all four locations, my penname is Traxits. AdultFanFiction only houses my smuttier pieces, just as a warning. Lunaescence,, and Archive of Our Own house all of my works.

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Dragon Age: Origins

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Amell died defending her country from the Blight, but she left Alistair to rebuild the Wardens alone. The only help that she could offer him was a promise she extracted from Zevran the morning of her sacrifice: he must help Alistair stand on his own, no matter what. Now, as Zevran realizes exactly what he promised to help with, he and Alistair must come to terms with an attraction between them that neither of them can deny.

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