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Hello Peoples. I\'m DreamCrafter7789 and you have dared to enter my bio page. Don\'t worry, nothing bad\'s gonna happen...I just like saying that kinda stuff is all. ^_^v

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Name: Erisabesu is my japanese name.
Age: 14-17 (I\'m not dumb)
Physical description: Short in stature. (I\'m a muchkin! ^_^) Thick dark brown hair, shoulder length, and almost black colred brown eyes. (they\'re super dark). Average weight. (I\'m not fat!!!!!)
Info: Spazz and airhead. I\'m a video game addict and anime freak. I enjoy being a smart-ass and cracking jokes about almost anything. ^_^
Hobbies: Drawing, writing, singing, spazzing, playing video games, watching tv(preferably anime), and hanging out with my best friends.
Fave manga: Dragon Drive, Naruto, InuYasha, KH 1+2, Vampire Kisses, Vampire Knight, Mamotte Shugogetten, Stray Little Devil, Instant Teen, etc.
Fave anime: InuYasha, Naruto, KH1+2, Bakugan(so what?!), and others that I can\'t remember. -_-v
Career of choice: Manga artist / author

Origional Characters:

(Kingdom Hearts)


Name: Kara
Age: 14-18 (depends)
Physical description: Bright blond hair and bright jade green eyes. Comes to about Sora\'s chin, so she\'s tiny. She\'s also very skinny.
Info: Outgoing and hyper, it\'s never boring with Kara around. She has a sharp sense of humor and can get almost anyone laughing. Along with her great humor, she\'s got a heart and a strong will to match. Her behavior is very contagious.
Hobbies include: Reading, hanging out with friends, watching sunset, cracking jokes.
Career choice: Preferably a waitress.
Pairing: Sora


Name: Kikomi
Age: 14-18 (depends)
Physical description: Long black hair with bright blue eyes. Comes to about Roxas\'s nose.
Info: Shy and sweet, Kikomi values the life of her friends and family more than her own. She is always smiling and has a huge heart. Like Kara, she has a strong will and a contagious mood.
Hobbies include: Drawing, watching sunset, hanging out with her comrades.
Career of choice: Sales person at a store of my choice.
Pairing: Roxas


Name: Natalia
Age: 16-20 (depends)
Physical description: Short silver hair and red eyes. Only an inch shorter than Riku.
Info: Calm and collected, Natalia only outbursts when it\'s necesary. She has a smart-assish attitude sometimes, but she is a great person.
Hobbies include: Swimming, helping Riku torment Sora, watching sunset, being with friends.
Career of choice: Lifeguard
Pairing: Riku


Name: Natsumi
Age: 14-20 (depends)
Physical description: Black or blue hair that drapes over her left eye. Eye color varies but is usually blue or gray.
Info: OC\'s bff. Personality varies depending on the story.
Career of choice: Same as OC\'s.
Pairing: Usually none.


Name: Mika
Age: 14-20 (depends)
Physical description: Brown hair, brown eyes. An inch shorter than Ed. (he\'s happy about this, believe you, me.) Thin.
Info: Mika has the tendancy to really get into people\'s skin, what with her crafty nature and whatnot. She is sorta goth-ish, but not always. And even if she is, her personality reflects no negative behavior most of the time. Strong will, good head on her shoulders, and a golden heart...perfect combo platter as far as personality wise.
Career of choice: Alchemist (duh)
Pairing: Edward XD

Name: Arunalaia (Aru)
Age: 14-20 (depends)
Physical description: Long pink hair and bright, clear blue eyes. Fragile build, pale skin. Comes to the nose of Al in his human form.
Info: Aru is usually never the one to stand out, but like her comrade Mika, she\'s talented in alchemy. She\'ll put her friends and family before anything else. A heart made of jewels, anyone who knows her is nevr sorry.
Career of choice: Alchemist / mechanic
Pairing: Al

Name: Ahnka
Age: 18-22 (depends)
Physical description: Dark red hair and big, soulful eyes. Roy\'s height exactly.
Info: Serious and usually mysterious, Ahnka never backs down from a battle and is certainly never afraid to start one when necessary. She is a military officer and is respected as such.
Career of choice: Military officer
Pairing: Roy

Origional Stories:

There\'s No One Else I\'ll Love
Summary: Kara is the daughter of a couple wealthy from selling ritzy mansions. Sora is a run of the mill ordinary teenager. When the two teens sneak away from their houses to avoid their parents\'s ranting, they end up at a friend\'s party. Now the only thing keeping the apart is the tight leashes of their feuding families. How will they find a way past this? Or will they be able to?

Percentage done: chapter 3 on it\'s way soon. About 78% done.
Chapters: Estimated 10-13

What Are The Odds?
Summary: Natsumi is worrying Kikomi by her homesickness. She keeps talking about her old life in Twilight Town, and her best freind Roxas. Kikomi gets and idea and arranges him to visit Traverse Town. However, things take a different turn when Kikomi and Roxas start spending time together. Now, with Natsumi thinking Kikomi is a backstabber and a man stealer, and trying to keep her and Roxas apart, how will things be fixed. Can they even be fixed?
Percentage done: chapter one completed ^_^
Chapters: Estimated 7-10


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Favorite Stories
Fullmetal Alchemist

Rated: 13+ | Warnings: None
Main Characters: Reader, You, Edward
Genres: Action, Adventure, General, Romance | Story Types: Reader Insert
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 9742 words | Complete: No

Summary: You're an alchemist belonging to a secret organization, one that is determined to find the Philosopher's Stone. As a result of your searches, you run into the Full Metal Alchemist and his brother, Alphonse Elric. Eventually, you develop affections towards Ed... But can he return them? What would happen if he did? What about your searches... and secrets? Is it even worth it? Maybe it is... After one strange encounter... [YOUxEd]
Published: 06/11/06 | Updated: 06/11/06

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