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First of all, I am becoming more known in forums and story websites by the penname Iggy, so there you go. It really is my nickname.

I come from, and my penname there is Iggy - Essence of Angst. I would have stuck with that title for this site, but the character restriction did not allow it. So - I just went with Iggy. ^_^

I write for the Inuyasha fandom, as well as dabbling in the Chrno Crusade, Elfen Lied and Sailor Moon fandoms.

I will, on occasion read fanfics in the above fandoms, and although I saw the anime Full Metal Alchemist, I don\'t write for it, nor do I read it on occasion. If you\'re really curious, come by my LiveJournal (Iggy04) and drop a line or two.

I immensely enjoy talking about fanfics or fandoms in general. If you want to talk to me about something specific, you\'ll have to use the PM system on If I feel that you\'ve become (somewhat) familiar to me through fandom or just in general, perhaps I\'ll give you my MSN IM. Maybe.

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