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My name is Audie♥I\'m 14 years of age♥I\'ll be 15 April 20th♥Ask Wayne♥He knows♥It\'s also Hitlers Birthday♥I have long dirty blonde hair♥And silverish-blue eyes♥I\'m a writer♥And an artist♥I\'m a culture freak♥And proud of it♥I live in Vermont♥I love music♥I draw manga/anime type art♥But only if I feel like it♥I love my friends dearly♥They are all spiffy peoples♥I love to write♥I love movies♥My family is a big part of my life♥My cousins are beautiful♥I have four siblings♥Two brothers and two sisters♥ I like anime♥I love to read♥Books are the shit♥My life is spent on the computer♥I get horriable writers block♥Which I get frequently♥And when under pressure♥I crack like an egg♥I\'m very clandestine♥But I can never keep it from close friends♥I love meeting new people♥Fun people I might add♥Funny people are the sex♥I love musicians♥Black hair is awsome♥Boys in eyeliner♥And girlspants♥ My mind works in wierd ways♥It\'s My opinions are my own♥Critique them and I will be pissed♥It takes something to get me mad for real♥I\'m very sarcastic♥And my friends find me cute and funny♥I\'m not a runner♥I hate gym♥I love Field Hockey♥I also play the violin♥I\'m trying to learn how to play the guitar♥I\'m writing a book♥I love luke warm showers♥Combos are the best♥I hate socks♥I hate racists♥I hate stereotypes♥I\'m afraid of spiders♥I\'m afraid to use the phone♥I can\'t do sleepovers well♥I love to travel♥IM\'ing bugs me♥But I do it anyways♥I\'m never on Yahoo♥I love slippers♥Scarfs are the shit♥I\'m a Livejournal whore♥I\'m addicted to Spider Solitare♥I love big sunglasses♥Foster\'s Home For Imaginary Friends is the best♥I\'m afraid of heights, only a little bit though♥Gilmore Girls Re-runs are the hottest thing on the block♥I can Almost drive a stick♥My mother is the coolest mom around♥Says everybody in town♥I love purple and black♥I love having songs and poems as my away messages♥

And That\'s Me♥

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