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Who: Just a seventeen year-old about to head off to college in a year. Pity my teachers. Single. Not looking.

Where: Florida. It sucks, and I hate it. Florida\'s all well and good until you\'ve lived there your whole life, and then you start craving seasons.

What: What do you mean what?

Why: I came here from the Pit, because I realized that I couldn\'t stand their low standards, and I\'m sick of, quite frankly, reading bad fanfiction.

ETC: Falcon can be found hanging out on Livejournal. She loves new friends, so don\'t be shy! She\'s been an anime nut for over ten years and plans to go into the JET program when she gets her BA to go to Japan and teach English. She loves Jrock, and is in the vocal department of her arts school.

Warnings for most of my fics: I am a slash writer. Meaning that more than likely, when I write a fanfic with romance in the genre, it will have a boyxboy pairing. If I get any nasty comments on this, well, I\'ll laugh at you and write nasty things about you in my livejournal. So tough for you, slash mongers.

Current quotes:

\"Don\'t start nothin\', it won\'t be nothin\'.\"
\"Applesauce, bitch.\"
\"Did I SAY you could talk? No. Did I say you could LIVE? NO!\"


Anyway, I hope that I get along with people on this site.


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