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Update Feb 15/2016: Obviously these stories were not completed in the single year listed below, but trust me when I say that's a good thing.

Although I don't write as often as I wish, I am putting out something I care about, not just half-assedly adding the simple endings onto these stories and leaving them for good. I've even been inspired to start a few one-shots, after not writing any fanfiction in ages. Chaptered fics are my focus to develop and finish.

Updates on when to expect chapters and what's going on with ratings and whatever else can be found at the bottom of the page, above my stories.

Update Jan 1/2014: I may not really do New Year's resolutions, but I would love to get the abandoned stories posted here done.

[about me under construction]

What is with the weird timing and notes on Insanity and Blood and Flowers?

tl;dr: they are very old in origin and I take them all too seriously.

Originally, they were posted on AnimeSpiral, a site that hasn't existed since 2007 or something like that. They were cross-posted here while it still existed, I believe. Anyway, they were a lot less well-written, basically the first drafts you would have written when you were 12, you know? Despite that, I still loved them and wanted them to come to an end.

The original Insanity, entitled 'The Black Tears of Insanity' was complete, the story over, but it was awfully written and had crack-ish parts that I hated and modern references and semi-to-overt Mary-Sue tendencies. Still, the story was my baby, so I stripped it down. It still was badly written, but it was much more coherent. Finally, I rewrote the first five chapters into the first chapter posted here. It more than tripled in length. This was a process of years from initial completion to non-crack to what is here now, plus the more recent edits I've gone in with. The whole thing has been plotted forever, so once corrected it will finish as soon as possible.

Blood and Flowers wasn't as problematic, but was initially quite badly written and, worse, written based off the pairing I wanted rather than a story inspiration. When I started it, that wasn't too much of a problem, but it's why I've had so many notes written that I dislike thinking about finishing it; it was never inspired in the first place. Ironically, I seem to fake it better than I write real stories, as BnF has always been the more reviewed and higher-rated story. I have never finished it, but after chapter one, I wrote probably six different variations trying to get it right. The current one, that I wrote to continue it after not watching the series in over five years and having long since abandoned the story is actually keeping me inspired, though. I've had renewed interest for it. It means a lot to me to care for it again.

The long break in updating either (I know, years) was because I was busy with my personal life and pretty well gave up on fanfiction. I doubt I'll write much new fanfiction in the future, but these two stories are part of my writing history, and I think it is a disservice to myself to leave them incomplete. It has been nagging at me for years that two important stories, my first two real stories ever, really, were never properly finished. They will probably be written to completion within 2014, unless the plots decide to take longer. They are no longer orphaned, in any case.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Random final notes:

- Wolf Who Rules Wind: Thank you for all your support on the original versions of these. If you find this account, be sure to review or contact me, okay?

- I liked AnimeSpiral, despite it's occasional lack of the grammar and order that Lunaescence has. This is just a shoutout to those folks because you are good folk.

- I'm SUPER RIDICULOUSLY HAPPY that none of the recent scares of Luna closing have actually happened, and that donors came forward so well in december 2013. You all are awesome.

Story/Writing Updates:
Insanity and BnF both had chapter six added April/24/14, and are now approved (May 4 and 8)
May 18/14- Both sevens have rewritten, completed, uploaded, and are awaiting approval.
July 28/14- Sevens both approved and posted.
Aug 6/14- Working on typing the eights. Taking my time a bit since the queue's closed.
Aug 20/14- Now that I note the queue is open, I'm hurrying up again. Insanity 8 is almost done, I'm not sure where I want to put the chapter break. It's over 1000 words but I wanted to cover more plot than I have. Working on BnF 8 now, expect to upload this weekend.
Aug 21/14- BNF 8 finished (3220 words) and uploaded, so here's hoping I didn't screw it up and it goes through. Insanity I'm still not sure where to end, but will be uploaded soon. Chapter 9 of BNF is plotted on paper.
Aug 28/14- Insanity 8 is very nearly ready for uploading. Around 2700 words, just needs to be wrapped up, which I'm not doing at 2:30am on a weekday. Plus, giving the mods some spacing what with the rush right now and stuff.
Sept 9/14- BNF 8 is up and readable
Sept 22/14- I've been sick. I'll try to get updates done for both stories soon. I'm having second thoughts on what's done so far in Insanity 8, which is why it didn't end up just wrapping up and getting posted.
Sept 23/14- Insanity 8 is uploaded, awaiting approval. Starting the 9s today.
Oct 9/14- Somewhat unexpectedly I am moving, so that will slow down the next uploads.
Nov 21/14- Moved in, internet, etc, and not completely buried in stuff, and so BnF 9 is written and has been uploaded. Assuming no grievous errors on my part, it should be approved within a couple weeks. Insanity's 9 has only begun.
Nov 26/14- Insanity Ch. 9 is at about 2000/2500 words, so it should be uploaded to await approval within a couple days.
Dec 17/14- Validated! Awesome, except that now I'm the only one to blame for slow updates.
Dec 22/14- Insanity 9 is finally up, working on both 10s.
Feb 12/15- BNF 10 is up
Nov 17/15- BNF 11 is uploaded
Dec 1/15- BNF 12 is uploaded
Dec 2/15- Insanity 10 is framed and started, BNF 13 is framed
Dec 3/15- Insanity 10 is uploaded. Insanity 11 is somewhat planned.
Dec 17/15- Started a Mushishi one shot. 540 words of probably 2-3k.
Dec 29/15- Added further plans for BNF and Insanity's upcoming chapters
Dec 30/15 Started a Hellsing one shot, planned an Inuyasha one, and started BNF 13
Dec 31/15- Insanity 11 is started.
Jan 4/16- BNF 13 completed and posted, 14 is written.
Jan 5/16- BNF 14 edited and posted
Jan 7/16- BNF 15 started.
Jan 23/16- Insanity 11 is posted
Feb 15/16- Insanity 12 is started. 1200 words so far, expect 2.0-3.5k total
Apr 18/16- [2am] Insanity 12 is up. BNF 15 will be next up
Apr 18/16- [morning] BNF 15 is completed and up. Ins 13 and BNF 16 vaguely planned. Working on Hellsing fic as a refresher.
Apr 18/16- [evening] I'm very excited by my Hellsing fic, currently at 3000+ words.
Apr 18/16- [late late] Hellsing fic complete [6600ish words] awaiting editing and optional epilogue. This was a very accomplished day.
Apr 20/16- Hellsing fic (Wingates Manor) complete and up at 7100 words
May 9/16- BNF 16 written and posted. ~1500 words. Insanity 13 started
May 12/16- Insanity 13 is 2100/3000ish words. Need to review some material to write Izumi. Starting BNF 17 while I find that.
Aug 18/16- Insanity 13 edited and posted
Aug 19/16- One shot Gravity Falls drabble written and posted
Aug 24/16- BNF Chapter 17 started

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