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Alias: Spanner\\\'s Future Wife, Mrs. Hibari, Leader of the Shinsengumi for a day, etc...
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How many things can I say about my profile picture?????
1. You... Are on the business end of Sougo\'s bazooka.
2. Man, I should have hid my Hijikata plushie better.
3. Prepare to diiiiiiiiie~!
4. ^looks around^ Katsura, you better run for it!!
5. Sadism never looked so sexy.
6. What? It\'s just a bazooka.
7. Don\'t worry. It\'s only loaded with one bullet.
8. This is aimed... Right at your testicles.
9.This is the bazooka of capitalism. FEAR IT!
10. You got nothin\' on me. I gotta bazooka.

When I think of more, I\'ll put \'em here.

I am Siyui-No-Akatsuki, but you can just call me Siyui! Or Siyui-chan! Or Siyu-chan! Or maybe Siyui-dono-taicho-sama-sensei! Yes, I like that! ^teeth sparkle with a thumbs up^
Gintoki: ^picking nose^ No one\'s going to call you that.
Siyui: ^sniffles^ It\'s not nice to ruin peoples hopes and dreams, Toki-taaaaaaaan...
Gintoki: ^ignores^
Siyui: Anyway, I\'ll just name my favorite characters of... Everything.

Basically all of the Akatsuki (could ya guess *coughPENNAMEcough*)
I don\'t even feel like naming this list. Everybody except Yammi.
(Gintoki: Well that was half-assed.
Siyui: Leave me alone.)

Shinpachi (I feel so sorry for him sometimes...)
Kagura (I wish I could do half the things she did.)
Shinsuke (Who is affectionately know as Suke-tan)
Sakamoto (We have a spiritual connection.)
Hattori (PIZZA NINJA!!)
Otae (She knows how to beat the crap out of people!!)
Kondo (Aaaaand why is he always naked? Not that I miiiiind...)
Hijikata (Aw, only he can make a mayo and smoking addiction so hot!!)
Okita (My kawaii wittle sadist!)
Yamazaki (I always feel sorry for him...
Bansai (I don\'t even know. I just love him.)

Siyui: ^thinking^ Hmm... I don\'t think I forgot anyone...
Gintoki: AhHEM! ^points to the GIN in Gintama^
Siyui: Ah! Katsura! He\'s so insane~!
Gintoki: ^twitch^
Siyui: Anyway, I am one of the biggest Gintama fans out there~!
Gintoki: Which means you HAVE TO love me, the main character.
Siyui: No. I can love Shinpachi.
Gintoki: You\'ll love Shinpachi, but not me, the awesomely sexy HEAD main character?
Siyui:^shrugs^ What can I say? I like guys with glasses/sunglasses/goggles. Why do you think I like Hase-kun, Bansai-kun, and Pachi-kun so much? Because they have eyewear. \'Nuff said.
Gintoki: So, if I had shades or something, you\'d actually do a story about me?
Siyui: Probably. But I already have a Gintama story typed up! I just have to post it!
Gintoki: ^grinning^ Really? I can\'t wait to see your rendetion of my escapades...!
Siyui: Actually Gin-chan, it\'s about Sougo. It\'s a story for him.
Sougo: Sorry, boss. I take the spotlight this time.
Siyui: ^shrugs^ What can I say? I like guys with bazookas.
Gintoki: ^anime fall^
Siyui:^ignores him^ Here\'s the summary for the story!!

Lessons About Being in the Shinsengumi
SUMMARY: Ruka Sakimono has always wanted to be apart of the Shinsengumi. She has the ability to be part of it, but they don\'t allow women. Not wanting to be defeated, she crossdresses and enters anyway! But what happens when a certain sadist figures out \'Ruku\'s\' secret? Will he keep it? Or will he spill... SougoxOC

Siyui: Yatta! There it is! Tell me if you like it~!
Ruka: ^clenches fist^ Daaayum I\'m EPIC!!
Sougo: Not really. You get caught.
Ruka: At least I don\'t have hair the color of dried turds.
Sougo: At least I don\'t eat dried turds.
Ruka: Oh? You trying to say something?
Sougo: Am I speaking to fast for you?
Ruka: ^rolls up sleeves^ Why, I oughta--
Siyui:^waggles finger^ Now now, save the fluff a sexual tention for the story!!^to the readers^ Don\'t worry. There\'s lots of sexual tention! There\'s even a time when Sougo-- ^kicked in the face^
Gintoki: Don\'t spoil everything you otaku!

Favorite Stories

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10 YL - 8
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Teachers: The most GQ mother*bleep*as that the world has to offer.
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[Reader-x-Germany with sprinkles of Reader-x-Various]
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