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I enjoy writing but most of it is original work which I hesitate to post online for fear of losing its copyrights.
So fanfics will be what you see here unless I change my mind.
Writing adventures is fun and I would say the story, \"A is for Alternate Dimension\" is a good shot at that.
Notes on Works:

A is for Alternate Dimension - This story came about as I was obsessing over Natsume Hyuuga and his fiery awesomeness. I thought of what sort of fanfic I could do with him that wouldn\'t be too cliché or OOC.
Sure a playboy Hyuuga or a soldier Hyuuga would be cute but it had all been done before.
And I really like Natsume the way he is.
So, thus I decide to send him into a warped dimension in which people just aren\'t the same.
His character in this dimension is an utter wimp. Thus, everyone has low expectations for him and regard him as weak but still likable. So he\'s popular, in a way. Definitely not the same way he\'s popular in Gakuen Alice, being the boss of everyone.
Mikan is a tough cookie in the other side and not as foolish either. She\'s quick, intelligent, mean, and dare I say it, cruel. But lovable all the same. (It\'s like they switched personalities.)
Of course, when the real Natsume goes into this dimension, he retains his strong personality and thus the two clash.
Sounds like a perfect set-up for a love story.
Yeah, right.

Favorite Stories
Fullmetal Alchemist

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Summary: (Self insert in first person point of view). An inter dimensional portal is opened and you end up in Amestris. The Philosopher's Stone may be the only way to get you home, but in a world where alchemy, chimeras and homunculi are more than just fairy tales, you're going to find out the hard way that it's not going to be easy, even with Ed and Al's help. (ReaderxEd) Reviews appreciated!
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Avatar: The Last Airbender

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Hang on tight -this is going to be a wild ride.
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Yu Yu Hakusho

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Summary: Each chapter describes one of the ways in which Sasuke tries to win the heart of a girl who can't remember his name and is nothing at all like a normal girl. (Reader X Sasuke)
Published: 11/03/09 | Updated: 12/10/13

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