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Update (2016 March 03)

Hey guys. So, I've been AWOL for quite a while now. That's because I graduated from undergrad and then went straight into grad school, which keeps me even busier and is kicking my ass. The writing bug bit me recently though, and I've started working on a couple of things.

My main focus is part 2 of Scarlet (which was published... 4 years ago! Holy crap!), but I also really want to write the next arc of End of Eden. As you can notice, I am updating my two saddest stories, and that's because I've been sad lately. :^)

I also started a Hakuyuufic and a Judarfic a while ago which I hope to finish up; they're relatively short.

I will also continue The Blind Year (after I rework the plot in lieu of recent updates) and Infection, but those will take longer, simply because they are heavier in plot.

Edge of Hell will be continued at some point, but the timescale is up in the air because I need to plan things out more.

Future projects:

(1) Amor Fati

Summary: Apparently, you are destined to become a "King of this world", a legend who will change the balance between nations. How you'll manage this is a mystery to you, as you can barely pass most of your classes, but according to the half-naked man that materialised from the spout of the lamp you bought at a yard sale, it's going to happen.

(Modern AU/continuation, multiple pairings but contains a lot of Hakuryuu/You, Judar/You, Alibaba/Morgiana, Alibaba/You, Hakuryuu/Morgiana, IDK you know those crazy college kids and their weird drama)

(2) Kingmaker

Summary: "Come back to Sindria," he said, and now you were on the verge of bolting, because his voice held a hint of desperation in it, and you were sure that it was fake. "You're the closest thing to a Magi that I've ever had."

"I don't know about that." Your voice was casual, relaxed and unlike your body. "I don't have much in the way of magoi, Sinbad. Just a whole lot of money."

(Sinbad/Reader mainly, but the pairings might get a little weird in this one for plot-related reasons. I'm really excited about this fic, as it'll take a lot of inspiration from the Abbasid Caliphate and the Barmakids, which are historical elements that are new to me in terms of writing and world-building! Yunan is also a major character in it, and he's a cool guy.)

(3) Shāh māt

Summary: King Sinbad is dead, and the hunt for his bastards is on. Prince Kouen seeks to mount every single one of their heads onto spears outside the palace walls, and he has sworn that no man will stand in his way. Seek refuge in Balbadd, young girl, or else you, too, will suffer the fate of the father whom you never had.

(Adult!Aladdin/Reader, maybe? This fic is an AU, set maybe 10 years into the future.)

Moderator status: I haven't done any modding in a while. I also need to familiarise myself with the current standards of the queue (in case they've changed) and get the OK as to whether or not I can accept/delete stories from it. Given those things, I'd recommend against contacting me with questions with regard to the administration of the website.


Here are fics I've co-written with other authors. If they aren't posted under my account name, there will be a link to the story as well as its summary/information.

1. "Circles Have no Fourth Walls"; co-written with crazydominodragongirl
Fandom: D.Gray-Man
Summary: The fourth wall is meant to be broken. That's why Kanda ends up in a different dimension, and that's why he falls into your room and onto your bed while you sleep. Kanda/You

2. "Hammer Time"; co-written with crazydominodragongirl
Fandom: D.Gray-Man
Summary: You have issues with Lavi flirting with other girls. Lavi has issues with you stealing his hammer. ...what more can be said? (Lavi/You)

3. "Moment of Glory"; co-written with crazydominodragongirl
Posted: 08/28/07
Fandom: D.Gray-Man
Summary: The Millennium Earl has created a new weapon – an Akuma indestructible by normal means. Only one person can stop it, and that person is armed… with a cake knife.

4. "So Little Said"; co-written with crazydominodragongirl

5. "Ordinary High School Student"; co-written with Kay

Thanks to Kay and crazydominodragongirl, who are always fun to collaborate with. ♥ Go check out their works!
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