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After years of trekking real life, I've made my way back home. Hi everybody!

Please thank Goodfellow (formally known as Believer) for dragging my bum back into my seat via Deviantart. :)



SunnyStormGuardian, formally known as Keeper_of_Halloween: Reader and Reviewer of my BLEACH fics; you had given me inspiration when it was failing through your squealing and spazz attacks, and for that I'm grateful. Continue your squeals and spazzings for they make me want to make you squeal and spazz more.

DaikonTaiko: Reader and Reviewer of Fraying Ribbons & 100 Pieces of Thread; your first review had given me newfound confidence in my writing, not to mention a well-deserved surprise after jet-lagging at the time. Your continued reviews thereafter brings joy to me that you as a reader are enjoying what I can offer.

ryuukari, formally known as chibi neko alchemist: Reader and Reviewer of The Hell Butterfly Effect; you had continued to become quite the frequent reviewer for my fic that it has become the kick in gear that I need to continue writing. You also had given me more inspiration for little tidbits that add to the story and thus I'm grateful for giving me the inspiration to think differently about my writing processes.

Sidden: Reader of Fraying Ribbons; although you had given me only one review, it was my first review filled with constructive criticism that made me feel all warm inside. As much as I like constructive criticism, I like you for giving it to me.

sweetchaos: Reader and Reviewer of The Hell Butterfly Effect; in the early chapters of my fic, your reviews had given me more motivation to continue and had given me more confidence in my writing despite your dislike for OCs. Your recent review had me in stitches too.

There are so many more of you that I appreciate for both your input and your perseverence to read through the crap I have. |D It was so hard to choose, but I didn't want to drag this page listing everyone, so I'll list them here:

Bubles & krazy kirin: First reviewers of Fraying Ribbons
Kitty: First constant reviewer of The Hell Butterfly Effect

Constant Reviewers: Knight Z, AutumnLover, unfallen_bluesky, blackghost7
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