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Salut! Bonjour! Konnichiwa!

I am Sweetsnow73 and if you are familuar with Yu Yu Hakusho fan fiction, yes, I did pick it because of the fandoms love of making Hiei love \'sweetsnow\' aka ice cream. I thought it was cannon at the time I got attatched to the name but now I know it isn\'t and I still think it\'s cute.

I\'m old fan fiction person, like back in the day before they regularly used \"Insert Yous\" (I was one of the first!). Ah those where the days, 150 pokemon, pluto was a planet, Hiei loved sweetsnow and Youko Kurama loved his shineys.

I hope to get back into \'Insert yous\' aka reader inserts. But also do serious cannon stories and such. So much to look foward to!

I like many anime/manga and many non-Japanese oriented animations and books and comics. So I\'m sure we have lots in common!

To name a few anime/manga:
Yu Yu Hakusho
Sailor Moon
Dragon Ball Z
Shaman King

Well anyway I hope to be writting and posting more in the up coming months!

Replys and/or editing will take a little while because of college and it\'s epic PWNing of me. But I do get any replys and I thank people for their suggestions!

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