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My name is Penguiduck. It was a nickname given to me by a friend, because I called her a "Silly Goose", and she couldn't decide whether I was more like a duck or a penguin. Thus, she combined the two: Penguiduck. You are welcome to shorten it into whatever you wish. Common variations are: Pengui, Penny, Pengu, or Ducky. I also respond to Yahtzee, which is the name I go by when roleplaying.

I am 23 years old right now, a super senior in college. I am pursuing a business degree with a minor in Chinese. I am a Resident Assistant at one of the Honors Resident Halls at my university.

I describe myself as critically optimistic. I see flaws in things, and I'm often perceived as pessimistic, but that's not the case at all. I seek out flaws to improve them, not to wallow in the state of imperfection. For the things I care about, I do not accept mediocrity.

Ironically, I am stubborn and indecisive at the same time.

I am introverted. However, I am also very good with people -- many of my friends think it is odd that I both test as and consider myself an introvert. According to Strengths Quest, a well known personality test, my greatest strength is empathy, followed closely by: input, responsibility, developer, and leaner. I enjoy self-improvement and development, and I strive to understand myself better.

Writing is a huge part of my life. I kind of want to try publishing at some point, but I don't think my writing is good enough to go on paper just yet. When I finally do publish, however, it will probably be done under a penname. I don't want people I don't know meddling in my personal life. Until then, I write for myself and for my readers.

I can be rather silly. I talk to myself and sing in the shower. I make wishes on shooting stars and bake often. I'm a whimsical animal-lover, who enjoys puzzles regardless of what form they come in. I can sleep like no other and can stay asleep easily for up to fourteen hours, perhaps longer.

I have a wonderful boyfriend who supports me in everything that I do. I find it strange writing reader inserts after getting into such a serious relationship, but that's just a hurdle I have to jump over, I suppose.

Feel free to ask questions. I don't mind answering. Oh, and I thoroughly enjoy reading your reviews.
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