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Toma Veka and welcome to my page!
I am Pimp-Dono, owner of Gokudera, Rasiel, Lussuria, and Fran. *Sorry Minchan\"

Which tells you who my fav characters are.

Basic info:

Well evening love, and I\'m Alexandria A.E. -yeah ain\'t that a pretty combo XD- My last name\'s Eddy, which all my friends seem to find funny. I seriously don\'t know WTF they keep on smoking. Hehe
Oh, do please call me Alex, I don\'t mind.
I\'m 13. Yep 13, do you like reading my cute little yaoi lemons XDD Yeah I seem to write lemons a lot more than actually plot line. Because nothing\'s hotter than two males heating up a bedroom. (or girls -giggles-) Though I can handle the hetero. It\'s nice and straight you know?
But besides being only 13 and this perverted child, I am mature. I can be serious. So don\'t judge my book\'s cover please. thanks. ^^

So there\'s many little snippets you\'ll learn about me over time. Like I love talking to people. It\'s fun! And I adore roleplaying. Especially with my buddies who love the yaoiness and lemons -complete pervert-
Yeah I am a big hentai. But it doesn\'t bother me. And if you get lemons and yaoi art out of it, why are you complaining?!

-now comes the random facts XD-

I like pretty little gay things in dresses. >3

Bel: With kitty ears. -shivers-
Alex: Bet your ass on that! -hugs-

I enjoy hurting things, I\'m sorry but I do. I mean I don\'t have the nerve to do it in real life but it\'s just fun to see cute innocent things bleed/lose their virginity.
-stared at-What?

I adore I Luv Halloween. It has a small fandom but we shall conquer the world by storm. Starting with deviantART. LoL. If you don\'t know what ILH is, it\'s basically the title. It\'s about four boys who go out trick-or-treating and will do anything to get candy. Basically, in they\'re attempts to get their precious candy, something always goes wrong.

Feel free to send random messages on any accounts and always know I\'m opening for helping out, possible requests, and making friends.
I am rather random and hyper/happy. I\'m real friendly. I love meeting new people and love most things, since I\'m rather open-minded. However, I don\'t tollert people being assholes and will snap at the slightest thing sometimes. So don\'t bitch, bitch.

Current obession:

Reborn!, Yaoi -always-, and \'Seil-kun.
Yeah currently in my life I\'m calling Prince Rasiel my fictional boyfriend.
I gotta admit he may be hot, but \'Sora-chan (Lussuria) is quite the hottie too. I mean stop saying he\'s weird looking, I think he\'s epic awesome! -glomps- But Fran will always be my cute one. I mean my favorite colors green and look at that hair of his. I love frogs and OMFG! he\'s got a frog hat that I would totally wear anytime he doesn\'t want to hehe. -hugs fran stuffed animal-
I gotta also say though that Bel is... Belphegor\'s okay. I must say I perfer him being under Fran, sweating...calling \"Fro-!\"-
Sasha: -hits-
I mean as an uke. Or as my little Bel: Little 12, 14 year old him with cute little black kitty ears and tail. And those stripes and that blondness! -squees-
And Squalo is just so epic ain\'t he? the scary part is I could see us as friends. Yeah that leaves a nice image doesn\'t it XD -hugs shark stuffed animal-

I love my kitty, Ella. Don\'t deny me! -hugs her-

Fangirl: 1. rabid lover of a show/movie/book/cartoon/ etc. Usually female. 2. A cartoon\'s doom. 3. Alex(me)

Check me out in my other haunting zones. Approaching with caution XD:

YouTube: AlyGirl401. Visit...oh well visit. XD
FictionPress: Muffin-McPhee. Visit it for my awesome songs and original yaois.
SmackJeeves: Zami-Mouse. Please visit my SJ and read/review my manga, Baka ExPress DX! :3
deviantART: My old account is LostSorrows, my new one is Lolimint. :) I has drawings here. And some more awesome lemons and doodles!
Gaia: XP-LostSorrows-XD. I has things...
tegaki: CandyFran.
PhotoBucket: LostSorrows_Alex my old old one is HOTIEOF2007.
Facebook: Search my name that\'s it. Pimp-Dono
Quizilla: DedarawPuppy
LiveJournal: tuesdaymenus. Randomness is here. No I blog on deviantART if anyone cares...

If you have a lemon you want me to write or want to see me attempt to write a one-shot, do tell me. I make do your requests! :)

95 of the kids out there are concerned with being popular and fitting in. If you\'re part of the 5 who aren\'t, copy this, put it in your profile, and add your name to the list: AnimeKittyCafe, Hyperactivley Bored, Gem W, Bara-Minamino, Yavie Aelinel, Crazy Billie Joe Loving Freak, Shadow929,SweetNCrazieSugarmuffin,The Komodo Dragon Phoenix,Bust_A_Groover, Tecna, Triggonseed, The Only Innocent Writer Here-Yumi, Kikyouhater118, Midnight-angel-of-darkness, adngo714,cyber-porygon, the aku dragon of light, PirateCaptainBo; Ski Bo, bleachrules1314, KivaEmber, Sannin-Songo, Pimp-dono
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Your Weirdness Factor (AKA Uniqueness Factor) is 60, based on a comparison of your test results with 50444 other submissions for this test.

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