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When you return to your account after a 7+ year hiatus and a part of you canít help but cringe to death at all the terrible spelling errors littering your ďhard workĒ Ö (hintstupidpoetryhintcough)

9/19/15: ADAP is still glitching. Don't know why, and unsure it'll ever get fixed, so just re-created the story here for those that prefer Luna.
4/6/2015: Unfortunately, ADAP is glitching. I emailed the admins so hopefully it gets fixed soon. In the meantime, please find accessible chapter updates at Archive Of Our Own: Another Day, Another Pain.

I try to keep a buffer of chapters up before posting, so (sans any real life interference) stories can be updated to completion roughly every other Sunday.

If youíre curious, hereís the current buffer zone for them:
TITLE ó (Chapters posted/Current total chapters) chapters.
ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER PAIN ó (12/13.05) chapters [Note: This metric views each M/F chapter pair as a single chapter because they're basically the same except for gender pronouns.]
IRRESISTIBLE DIET ó (2/2.5) chapters

I also have an account on AOOO (Redhoodlyn). I generally keep my stories synced on here and there though.

I share pictures and fun stories on Instagram too (jkc_redhood).

If a work is labeled DISCONTINUED, that means itís up free for grabs. You can continue where itís left off, use the basics to generate a fabulous idea of your own, completely destroy existing chapters in your quest to improve it, etc. Iíd appreciate some form of credit, but itís not necessary. Iíd be more than happy to look over and beta it if you want though. =)

The following is a complete list of all DISCONTINUED works:
None (I think thatís a good sign. Or a bad sign, depending on if youíre considering my health.)
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