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Hello, my amazing, lovely, darling readers!! Apples4Ryuk here. I go by this handle on all the sites I currently frequent (tumblr, dA, here, GOTVG, YT, et cetera). If you see my stuff elsewhere, please let me know and notify the proper administrators!


HI GUYS!!!! It's pretty obvious... But I'm on a hiatus right now from "The Missing Quartus." I've not stopped writing for it, though!! I just have a lot going on - SDCC to plan for, possibly having a play of mine produced, full time work until I start my first semester at real college..... Sooo, yeah, it's difficult to write when I come home exhausted and stressed out. However! Once classes start, I'll be looking for a different PART-TIME job and will likely have more time (including commute time/stuff to write then) to write. So, in about August, I'll be continuing "The Missing Quartus." I'm so sorry to have left you guys hanging. x___x Please stick with it when I'm baaaack!!! Thanks readers, you're all amazing and lovely!! ♥

Currently working on...

"The Missing Quartus"
, a WWYFF starring you, the reader! We love you, Rea-chan! L-long story short... My car got stolen a few weeks ago, I've had a shitton of homework for my real-classes this semester, and... I sorta sprained my ankle a couple days ago... ;___; I'm sorry for not updating!!

STILL planning a one-shot featuring you and Hiccup... Yes, from HTTYD 2 bc all the feels. ♥

Enjoy the reads, my fellow Luna-ites! ...Luna-people? MOONPEOPLE! :P

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