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Oldie who needs to work on being consistent :P NEWS 11/5/2014

Hello, my amazing, lovely, darling readers!! Apples4Ryuk here. I go by this name on all the sites I currently frequent. If you see my stuff elsewhere, please let me know and notify the proper administrators! :)

Currently working on... "The Missing Quartus", a WWYFF starring you, the reader! We love you, Rea-chan! S-school and changing jobs...... So.... Stressful. I AM SO SORRY!!!! Chapter 13 only needs revision and will be posted later tonight. I am so sorry. ;______;

If you must know what the oh-so-strange Apples4Ryuk looks like, I'll give ya a hint!

See what I did there!? I'm a sucker for puns and funny stuff; fitting, since I write for the dramatics and action. Linked above is my Facebook page if any of you are that curious. I know sometimes I am! :P Feel free to add me. Just let me know you're from Luna! ♥

Also planning a one-shot featuring you and Hiccup... Yes, from HTTYD 2. The feels. ♥

Enjoy the reads, my fellow Luna dwellers!! ♥

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