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*Silent Emotions and Forbidden Love part 2 is up!



+Type: multi-chapter

+Name: A deadly sin [love is pain]

+rating: Adult

+story type -or- name of anime: Naruto

+main pairing: Itachi -X- reader

+first part: complete-need to post and edit


+Type: multi-chapter

+Name:Is This a Tortured Life?


+story type -or- anime of name: original work/story

+main pairing:reader -X- unknown

+first part: 50% complete


+Type: oneshot


+rating: adult

+story type -or- name of anime:myth

+main pairing: oc/oc

+first part: 0% complete



As you can see the above picture is of my muse. His name is Greg and he loves to appear randomly. Seriously he does. He also likes to cause trouble so it\'s not rare for him to get in trouble. lol
The rest about him? well you just have to find out then. haha

I might be obsessed with a7x
I love zacky and jimmy!!
i have a religion and
johnny christ is my god!
I love strawberry ice cream
and i would probably trade Zacky
for it =D.

I love Dante from Devil May Cry. Oh my johnny christ i love that game. i also think Gaspard Ulliel is one hawt French actor! Jeff Davis is one hot comedian. I love Death Note!!

oh yeah i don\'t like the twilight series so uh.. don\'t say anything to me about it.

i cuss like a sailer so much that my mom has literally taped my mouth. haha that wasn\'t fun.

mmmm... i only write in 3rd and 2nd person p.o.v
and i tend to forget things alot. i have lost my cell phone about 180 times. (my mom keeps count that\'s how i know ^_^;) i have eaten a lot of weird things and i might just post it on a forum about it lol.

The anime\'s that i have written for are Naruto and Fruits Basket. I don\'t write about Devil May Cry or Death Note because i love them so much that i don\'t want to ruin them with my stupidity. (i\'m tempted to write some of those so uh... i might break my own rule)

i guess that\'s it for now if you have questions or anything message me or something i don\'t give a damn. you can add me on myspace if you want. you can be a serial killer for all i know and i will still add you =]

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