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Alias: SHSL Fangirl
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aka Fangirl Extraordinaire

`·. 25/11/14
So, I finally revamped my profile. I don't have much to say other than that this year has been hell for me, but now I'm finally starting to write again. That's the good news.

The bad news is that my only internet is on my iPhone, so I won't be able to post anything for a while, at least not on a regular basis (I know, you're going "pft, big change there", but oh well.

That's about it. Ciao, my nonexistent readers!

`·. About
◊ female; seventeen
◊ Australian
◊ expert procrastinator
◊ obsessive
◊ pessimist; cynic
◊ rare fandom specialty
◊ animal lover
◊ avid shipper
◊ semioccasional updater
◊ collector
◊ list-maker
◊ recluse
◊ socially inept
◊ completionist

I don’t bite (much) so feel free to email me whenever you feel like it.

`·. Favourites
Pokèmon ◊ Danganronpa ◊ Zero Escape ◊ The World Ends with You ◊ The Legend of Zelda ◊ Fire Emblem ◊ Ace Attorney ◊ Mario ◊ Sonic ◊ Fable ◊ The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Anime & Manga
Pokèmon ◊ Future Diary ◊ Danganronpa: The Animation ◊ InuYasha ◊ Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle ◊ xxxHolic ◊ Tokyo Babylon ◊ Cardcaptor Sakura ◊ Kobato. ◊ Fruits Basket ◊ D.N.Angel ◊ Ouran High School Host Club

Fall Out Boy ◊ Panic! at the Disco ◊ The Cab ◊ One True Thing

TV & Movies
Fight Club ◊ Phone Booth ◊ Shutter Island ◊ Scrubs ◊ Family Guy ◊ American Dad ◊ South Park

Year of the Cat ◊ Dark Visions ◊ The Forbidden Game ◊ Night World ◊ The Secret Circle ◊ The Vampire Diaries ◊ Fingerprints ◊ Fear Street ◊ A Modern Tale of Faerie ◊ Generation Dead

`·. Ongoing Fics (That I've Posted)
Mortify Me (4/16)
Multiple fandoms
3 in progress

`·. Currently
Playing: Pokèmon: Alpha Sapphire & Fire Emblem: Awakening

`·. Links
Here and on GOTVG, I only post my reader-inserts. Everywhere else has a lot of other stories, some more complete than others because I don't repost the fics I don't like.

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