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`·. 25/12/14
Merry Christmas! I'll be working on three fics before the year is over: Festive Emblem, Six Christmas Kisses, and my gift for the Secret Santa on GOtV.

Once 2015 rolls around, I'll be trying to finish Mortify Me and To My Favourite Despair. Then I can hopefully get started on something new and actually be productive for a change!

`·. About
◊ female; seventeen
◊ Australian (UTC +10)
◊ expert procrastinator
◊ obsessive
◊ pessimist; cynic
◊ rare fandom specialist
◊ animal lover
◊ avid shipper
◊ semioccasional updater
◊ collector
◊ list-maker
◊ recluse
◊ socially inept
◊ completionist

I don’t bite (much) so feel free to email me whenever you feel like it.

`·. Favourites
Pokèmon ◊ Danganronpa ◊ Zero Escape ◊ The World Ends with You ◊ The Legend of Zelda ◊ Fire Emblem ◊ Ace Attorney ◊ Mario ◊ Sonic ◊ Fable ◊ The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Anime & Manga
Pokèmon ◊ Future Diary ◊ Danganronpa: The Animation ◊ InuYasha ◊ Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle ◊ xxxHolic ◊ Tokyo Babylon ◊ Cardcaptor Sakura ◊ Kobato. ◊ Fruits Basket ◊ D.N.Angel

Fall Out Boy ◊ Panic! at the Disco ◊ The Cab ◊ One True Thing ◊ Icon for Hire ◊ Karmina ◊ Ozzy Osbourne ◊ Avril Lavigne ◊ Lily Allen ◊ Taylor Swift

TV & Movies
Fight Club ◊ Phone Booth ◊ Shutter Island ◊ Scrubs ◊ Family Guy ◊ American Dad ◊ South Park ◊ The Silence of the Lambs ◊ Harry Potter

Year of the Cat ◊ Dark Visions ◊ The Forbidden Game ◊ Night World ◊ The Secret Circle ◊ The Vampire Diaries ◊ Fingerprints ◊ Fear Street ◊ A Modern Tale of Faerie ◊ Generation Dead

`·. Ongoing Fics (That I've Posted)
Festive Emblem (4/10)
"Christmas is the perfect time to fall in love. And you fell hard."
◊ Reader x Various
◊ Fire Emblem: Awakening
◊ [17+]
◊ Written as a Christmas present for Jury
◊ Response to the 'Winter Wonderland' challenge by Aquamarine Shadows on Lunaescence

Six Christmas Kisses (2/6)
"He values his duty above all else, including you, but the holiday season is full of opportunities for romance. And you have six."
◊ Seth x Reader
◊ Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
◊ [13+]
◊ Written as a Christmas present for RhyeSammich

Mortify Me (5/16)
"16 times you fell in love. 16 times they found out. 16 times it was unbelievably embarrassing."
◊ Reader x Various
◊ Multiple fandoms
◊ [13+]
◊ Response to Kool_katx's challenge '16 embarrassing ways for a crush to find out you like them'.
◊ 2 in progress (Santa; 999 • Hinata; DR2)

To My Favourite Despair (1/2)
"You only realise just how much he means to you when he's gone."
◊ Komaeda x Reader
◊ Danganronpa; DR2
◊ [Adult+]

`·. Completed Fics
A Not-So-Slight Misunderstanding (1/1)
"A little misunderstanding can go a long way."
◊ Apollo x Reader
◊ Ace Attorney
◊ [All]
◊ Written for RhyeSammich's birthday

Blind Vision (1/1)
"For someone who lived in perpetual darkness, how did he always see so much?"
◊ Snake x Reader
◊ Zero Escape; 999
◊ [Adult]
◊ Written for Jury's birthday

Analysis (1/1)
"What better way to drown your sorrows than with a nice, steaming cup of joe at WildKat? You could think of many ways...but at least you had interesting company."
◊ Hanekoma x Reader
◊ The World Ends with You
◊ [17+]

Descent Into Darkness (1/1)
"Was it fate or just plain bad luck that this would happen to me on my most hated holiday? …But then, maybe it isn’t so bad after all."
◊ No pairing; Lucien Lachance x Reader if you squint
◊ The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
◊ [17+]
◊ Written for the 2013 Holiday Fic Trade for Kerrigan Sheehan

Carving Hearts (1/1)
"Who knew an ordinary afternoon filled with pumpkins and bathroom mishaps could also end in love…
◊ Kyle x Reader
◊ South Park
◊ [13+]
◊ Written for the Spooky Fic Trade for KarenaWilliams

Distractions (1/1)
"He’s having a tough time right now, but maybe you can make it better."
◊ Phoenix x Reader
◊ Ace Attorney
◊ [All]
◊ Written for the August 2013 Vintage Prompt Trade for Liatris

Meet Me at Midnight (1/1)
"What could Kyoya possibly have in mind, asking you to meet him at an isolated park at midnight? It sounded almost like a date..."
◊ Kyoya x Reader
◊ Ouran High School Host Club
◊ [All]
◊ Written for the June 2013 fic trade for dark_wing19

A Fortunate Accident (1/1)
"When Fai makes Kurogane mad (again), you never expect their usual routine to end with a simple accident that leads to the two of you kissing - twice!"
◊ Fai x Reader
◊ Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
◊ [All]

`·. On Hiatus
Fallen in Fai (4/11)
"A series of vignettes written for each song on the album 'Fallen' by Evanescence."
◊ Fai x Reader
◊ Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
◊ [13+]
◊ Response to Shiawase's challenge 'Album Drabbles'

`·. Currently
Playing: Pokèmon: Alpha Sapphire

`·. Links
Here and on GOTVG, I only post my reader-inserts. Everywhere else has a lot of other stories, some more complete than others because I don't repost the fics I don't like.

Ghosts of the Vanguard (My main account)
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