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Hiya~! My name\'s Glacie~! It\'s not really, but oh well. Not like Imma tell you guys my real name. Anyways, some things \'bout me. I love lots of anime and managa. I also just LOVE lite novels. I think those are the best. I just wish that the novel I really wanna read was in English dub for me. *anime tears*

I\'m very random and everything like that. So, expect random things from when I write my stories. \'Kay~?

Um...let\'s see...what else should I tell you guys...oh! *snaps fingers* I love to rp (roleplay) all sort of things, but I mostly like to write and draw. I don\'t know why, but I love to write reader inserts.

Did I mention that I really love Homestuck? I am a huge an of it and well. I have a lot of favorite characters although if I have to just go down to just three, that would be Gamzee Makara, Kankri Vantas, and Terezi Pyrope. I also happen to cosplay Kankri and Karkat and I sometimes cosplay as John Egbert. Although they are really shitty cosplays and yeah I have no life I live on the internet and I regret nothing!!!

...*sweardrop*... I\'m sorry that I\'m so weird and random.

Anyways, please read and review my stories. Thanks~!
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