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Hiii, I\'m Misty/Neptune Spirit/Neptune.

Most of y\'all will know me from FictionZone as Neptune_Spirit, or as neptunespirit. Or as Springwater. Or something like that. Yeah.


I\'ve been through quite a bit, and I\'ve met some amazing writers through fanfiction.

So here goes a shoutout to TorroKetsu and KageYuki, two of the best fanfiction writers and friends I have ever met. You guys rock.


Works In Progress -

-A Beyblade one-shot (Kai x You)
-Chapter 5 of Catch A Shooting Star
-A Yu-Gi-Oh one-shot (comedy fic - no romance)
-Chapter 7 of Cold Reality of Friendship


Updates News

Recent Update August 20th, 2006: Catch A Shooting Star - Chapter 4


I may re-post some of my fanficiton from previous sites, I may not. So I\'m starting fresh. Read my fanfiction and find out what I mean. < 3

~Neptune Spirit < 3
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