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Cei is...

Your apprentice authoress and professional ghost reader at Luna's service. Usually I forget to write reviews since some fics are well... difficult to review due to it's amazing quality and whatnot. A lot of my future work is based off of music, games, some real time events and will usually will be anime or occasionally off of shows. Most of the time I pre-write the chapters so hopefully the story updates quickly.

Random challenges posted, requests or collabs would be fun. Feel free to message me about anything :p

Thank you to all those keeping up with my stories and reviewing it!

The Works:

yamamoto icon photo: Yamamoto icon 8 Yamamotoicon8.png

"Baby, it's you."
+ KHR | Yamamoto x Reader
+ Planning/Some chapters pre-written
+ 'Destiny? Fate? It honestly was by accident that the both of you met... Not like you regret it.'

tsuna icon photo: tsuna icon_9.png yamamoto icon photo: Yamamoto icon Yamamotoicon.png

+ KHR | Series | Various x Reader
+ 4+ pre-written
+ 'Emotions don't matter here.'

tsuna icon photo: TYL!Tsuna Icon 491374-2.jpg

"FORMS >> Introduce Yourself! >> Advice?"
+ KHR |Interactive Story | College!Tsuna x Reader
+ Hiatus | 2 will be up soon!
+ 'Tsuna has a crush! It's been a while since he's felt like this. What will happen during his journey of telling her how he feels? You decide!

tsuna icon photo: TYL!Tsuna Icon 632043-1.jpg kakashi icon photo: Kakashi Icon kakashi04-2.png

Silent Princess
+ KHR, Gintama, DRRR!!, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Tekken, Vocaloid, Whatever honestly | Some AU
+ randomly updated
+ 'Love does not require meaningless babble, but can be expressed in little to no words.'

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