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Name: Cloudy Luminosity
Alias: Cloud
Status: Author
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I'm fluent in English and French. So, any other languages in my stories (particularly Lost in Time are Google translated.) It won't happen too frequently, though.

I'm on: GotVG, Lunaescence,, and Wattpad as Cloudy Luminosity; and Quizilla, Quotev, and Archive of Our Own as SilverStrings. My stories shouldn't be anywhere else, so if you see them, please alert me.

I'm a college student working toward my BS (no not that kind of BS.) I love writing creatively as a hobby, though, so, when I have the time, I like to write fanfiction. I find it difficult to plan for short stories, so most of my stories are going to last at least 30 chapters. It's probably not the best idea, given my busy schedule, but I can't help it.

Story Statuses as of 8/5/14

-Through chapter seven written. The next few chapters after that are planned out, but I need to be in the right mood to write them correctly. The rating will be going up to 13+ at the least, maybe 17+ if I get too detailed.

-I may change the title and summary again (I'm still not satisfied with this one.)
-Before writing the next chapter, I need to make some major detail changes to the first two chapters.
-I may also start a little side-booklet of scenes that I wish I could have in the story, but I couldn't make it work.

Lost in Time
-On temporary hiatus because even though I have a lot of plans for this story, I need to get better at pacing long periods of time naturally to execute them correctly.

The Winds of Change
-On hiatus because I am starting to think this might be better suited as an original story.

Offsite Projects

The Fawn - A Death Note RP
An interactive role play quiz series in the Death Note universe in which Matt, Mello, and Near are four years older than they were in the original series. The reader is a young woman with the alias "Bambi" who works with Near under L's command until she is called to help Matt and Mello on their case in LA. A series of events caused by this change bring the reader to the front lines of the Kira investigation alongside L and the Japanese Kira Task Force.
- Prologue through Chapter 15 written. You read more about it here, and just go to the chapter labeled "Table of Contents" for links to each individual chapter.
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