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Update 4/10/15
Still alive. Still on hiatus. Just had to log in to reply to this review that really irked me.

Current Major Works:

Opposite Worlds
-Shuuhei HisagixOC


Summary: He was an assassin. She was a normal girl. But when their worlds collide, what would happen?

Status: Hiatus. Lost interest.

Changes to be Done:
-Edit Kira Matsunaga's tone of language (more... rough?)
-Edit Miwa Taniguchi's tone of speech (formal type)
-Clean up awkward cliches and all that stuff

The Adventures of Ina-chan
-Shuuhei HisagixOC

Chapters: 39/39

Summary: You get turned into a rabbit! You wait for the day when you can turn back to normal. Along the way, someone steps up to take care of you. Many things are bound to happen along the way, you know?


Softball and Basketball Love
-Neji HyuugaxOC (Hatsuka Kimiwari)

Chapters: 15/Unknown

Summary: Hatsuka Kimiwari was the softball athlete. She was also rumored to be a punk... Neji Hyuuga was a prodigy. He was also the all-star player on the basketball team. But when their destinies intervene with the other's, what will happen?

Status: Hiatus. Lost some interest in Naruto because of Neji's death.

Oboeteiru no deshou?

Chapters: 22/Unknown

Summary: Oboeteiru no deshou?-Don't you remember? Renji Abarai never expected to reminisce about events of the past. Even when they involved happy memories of his friend and his wife. Because he didn't want to remember.

Onesided RenjixOC

Status: Hiatus. Lost some interest.

Say hello to my OC(s)!

Shuuka Inagari (first OC made)
-Zanpaku-to: Tsuki-Ryumaru (Moon Dragon)

Wataru Shihou (formerly Ryuusei Ikasagawa) (first male OC)
Zanpaku-to: Yuki no Ikari (Snow Fury)

Hatsuka Kimiwari

Yui and Dirge
-Toriko OCs
-Bishokuya and Chef, respectively (not a combo)
-has the power of fire/has power given to him by Death
-Animal Partner(s): a Mistress Spitfire named Missy and a Winged of the Tiberus named Cerberus, respectively

*OCs are slightly younger and shorter than their significant other, with exception to Wataru and Dirge.
Note: Zanpaku-to translations may or may not be correct.

Favorite Quotes:

Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love. -Charles M. Schulz

You can't spell bass without ass -Zacky Vengeance

Welcome to our fucked-up goddamn family. -M. Shadows

We are just trying to make music, and if people like it, then that's awesome. Be yourself, and like what you like, fuck everyone else. -M. Shadows

It can't rain forever.

We live in a world where misunderstandings become reality. No one wants to hear the truth anymore.

Validated author: 01/04/14

Thank you very much.
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