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Uhm. Hi. Whoever still keeps up with this page, or if you stumbled here by accident. And somehow kept scrolling till here. HI DERE.

So, during the time that Luna was well as for the time that Luna was up and I was too busy being a lazy ass studying to post, I\'ve steadily found my love for anime...wait for it...DECREASING. *GASP

To add to that, Mao (who some of you may know as silver_neko_kitsune) introduced me to DMC. And daaaayuuum, Dante be hot. 8D

I mean, what. o_o


In addition, I have...discovered my 3D sexuality. No, that came out wrong. It\'s more like my hormones just went \"Hey, I just realized that we\'ve been inactive for way too long. WE SHOULD MAKE UP FOR THAT. AT ONCE.\" This hit me when I discovered...KPop. Beautiful Korean men apparently awoke my female-ness...thing. ._.

All of that being said, the music has been recently making small, tentative plotbunnies in a dark corner of my brain. So just maybe, an update or a new story could be on the horizon. BUT UNTIL THEN, PLEASE SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS PROFILE AND STARE AT THE TWO BEAUTIFUL MEN WHO CURRENTLY OWN MY HEART AND SOUL. Not too much though. My babies. *_*

(Shut up, IDGAF if they\'re several years older than me. XP)

((jk jk lol. Beauty like that deserves to be shared.))

Love, Ace.



Paint it Purple
\"I love you, daddy!\"
\"Kufufu~ ♥\"

[Parental!Mukuro X Reader]

The most unlikely fathers in the world. Parenthood redefined
[Parental!Varia X Reader]

Con Fuoco
You met as adversaries on a multi-city stage. Your voices were in natural opposition the moment you spoke to each other. Yet, does Lady Fate have other plans for the two of you beyond the surface hatred that your first impressions leave you with? And that was before you knew who he really was.
[Sasuke X Reader] AU.


Because you lost yours.
[Hibari X Reader]

\"The liger is a hybrid cross between a male lion and a female tiger. As such, it is incapable of successful reproduction.\"
You couldn\'t help but make the connection.

[TYL!Xanxus X Reader]

and finally, just because

Who wouldn\'t want to wake up to that in the morning?

Beautiful. Just beautiful. Hnnnnggg~


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