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I\'m bored. ....

[about Lisianthus]

♥ In Highschool. Yay Junior year! 2012, bebe! XDDD
♥ likes icons. Can\'t you tell?
♥ firm believer that she can\'t live without music. it\'s her lifeline. mess with it, and you\'ll pay for her funeral expenses.
♥ just like millions of other fangirls, she squeals every time her favorite bishies get screen time, no matter how little it is.
♥ is currently obssessed with Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Akira Amano
♥ loves her freaky friends to death, and would do anything for them.
♥ is guilty of staying up all night just to get homework done and write or watch videos on her computer. shh!

[current soundtrack]

Sakura Rock CHERRYBLOSSOM; which is the tenth ending to KHR!
Secrets One Republic
My own Enemy Thousand foot krutch
Last Cross Masami Mitsuoka; which is the fifth opening of KHR!


Amor Sanguini Katekyo Hitman Reborn!; reader-insert.
Simplicity Katekyo Hitman Reborn!; reader-insert.
Seraphim Devil May Cry; reader-insert
NecessaryVarious; reader-insert

Obscure It was as certain as the world was round, he confused you. [Reader x Allelujah Haptism]
Stained You weren\'t sure if you could ever wash the blood off your hands. [Reader x ??]

Cheye lazy and sarcastic, Cheye\'s my mainstream source of comedy in any of my stories...when she\'s not sleeping. Rarely makes appearances for comments in the first chapters of my stories, but she pops in every now and then later on.

Damon classic moody, brooder of doom. is brooder a word? I think so, because it defines this little ball of emo. the mainstream of angst and tear-jearker stuff, he\'s just like Cheye in the fact that he rarely ever shows up to make comments for the first chapters.
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