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Hi!  I don't have a set nickname or anything, so call me whatever you feel like.  I still have a lot to learn about writing and storytelling, but it's fun and I hope to create an enthralling tale one day! Please note I am generally more active at the link below. Thanks for dropping by in any case!

[GotvG account]

Feel free to ask for my skype! [Timezone: GMT-8]

・Self-studying Japanese・
・Current favourite series is Haikyuu!!・
・I typically write tragedy or cute things・
・Planning to add gore and PWPs to the repertoire soon・
・My final form will combine all four in one story・
・Likes to attempt too many things at once・
・One time, I almost started a family crisis after eating my brother's cinnamon rolls by accident・

[Various x Reader]・[Surprise x Reader]
|Dark Fantasy|Supernatural|Psychological|
3/9 chapters written.  High priority.
It was nothing more than a game that went on behind the scenes and you were chosen as the only backstage help. Act by act, try to avoid being stained or it's game over.

[Akaashi x Reader]

Oneshot - Outlining.  Medium priority.
To others, it looked like something called love, but it was something a little different in truth.  It did not particularly matter since the two of you were content.

[Various x Reader]・[Oikawa x Reader]
|Parody|Otome|Comedy|Slice of Life|
Detailing outline.  Medium priority.
"No gaming means it's no good!  I'll only fall in love through 2D means!"
So said the little sister-in-law of the school prince with a tsundere childhood friend and who has run-ins with various attractive athletes.

[Various x Reader]
|Slice of Life|Comedy|Romance|
[Previously Control Tower] Stray idea/oneshot collection if it happens.  N/a priority.

・Somewhere Only We Know・
[Byakuran x Reader x Giotto]・[Final||Surprise x Reader]
1/?? chapters written. Med-low priority.

[3yl!Basil x Reader]
|Slice of Life|Romance|
Oneshot - 40% written. Low priority.

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