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Author: Isis san
Story: Confidant by DragonSilk
Song: YELL- Ichinose Hidekazu

Updates [03/10/2013]

I love how Kaiba is the easiest for me to write and update about right now.
No, really. I am.
But after work tomorrow, I think I\'m going to try to get someone else updated. I mean really, Kaiba, you can\'t take up all of my time. You really can\'t.
I mean...
Come on man. Stahp.

I\'ve been looking at Kakashi. I should probably get some sort of outline done so it\'ll be easier to do so. Hmm...

Also, I love Be My Princess. I hope people start writing for it more. (Mostly Wilfred.)


Words cannot express the gratitude I have for having you as a friend.
You are, truly, a wonderful person and friend. Many times, I would feel that I simply do not deserve the kindness and support you have given me. Yet, evey time, you have always reassured me that I, indeed, am very deserving.
You are my muse.
When I feel that I simply can\'t write, you manage to give me the inspiration to do so. When I wanted to give it up, simply because of the unneeded drama, you pulled me back and showed me that I shouldn\'t, ever, give up.
You are a sweet, kind, loyal and very caring person. I admire and respect you a great deal, as you can forgive others so that there is no bitterness in your heart. You\'re someone I look up to as both a person and a writer. Everything you create is beautiful but, of course, it only shows that you have a beautiful soul.
You are my little sister. We may not be blood but, regardless, I still consider you as my younger, adorable sister.
Thank you, Isis. Thank you for being a truly inspiring and amazing friend.


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