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Hello, new friend! Or possibly old friend. I wouldn't know, it's not like I'm stalking you through your computer or anything.

Just call me Kami.

Okay, I don't know what you want to know, but I write stories sometimes. As of right now, not much, but please do enjoy the kind of miniscule selection I have at the moment while I try and scrounge up my lost thoughts.

::You a basic bitch, so learn your basic shit:: i mean youre not really a basic bitch, but you should know this about me.
Age: 18
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Location: Northeast United States

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+ God Damn Those Idols, They Drive Me to Insanity (utapri; reader x various) - new chapters submitted every thursday
+ Babe, Water You Doing? (free!; reader x various) - new chapters submitted every sunday

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Lifeless Eyes & Starless Skies is accessible here. But it will disappear from the face of the earth on October 1st and I have absolutely no authorization to save and hand out copies of it, so get it while it lasts if you want the complete Quarantine experience!

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After this point, you'll just get updates from me.

:: 12 October 2014 ::

shit i'm a terrible person woops

Okay, so, like, I definitely have time to update, I just have this terrible habit of forgetting, please forgive me. I've definitely forgotten to update God Damn Those Idols for at least two weeks. I should probably just set up a reminder in my calendar, huh? You would think I could remember, being bored out of my mind on my day off. Also, I didn't forget about Babe, Water You Doing?, the eighth chapter has just failed to be modded yet. I hope it happens this week.

Other than that, I've been just dealing with school. My painting teacher is a cuntrolling controlling bitch, I don't think tyrants are good teachers for art school, do you?
I've also been working on some Akira prints. I've been thinking about uploading them onto Spoonflower for people to make clothes and stuff with, because I don't know what other places can take a repeating pattern and do something with it. CafePress is extremely restrictive in the shit you can make and the type of designs you can upload and I don't know where the hell Mookie has her pencil cases and the like done, so that's going to have to wait. To be honest, I just wanted to do some type of commercial parody-ish fanart for Akira, seeing as I have a gigantic fucking film boner for it. Going through and finding reference and colour material for it almost had me watching the entire movie again for the billionth time. It was hard to just pause and screenshot.
Anyway, I have four prints done and I think four more to do. I have a shitton of ideas. And there's plenty of variety. That's a bit of a lie, a majority of them are related to Kaneda. He just has a shitton of iconic shit to his character, I can't help it. But I did one for Yamagata, SPOLIER in honor of his death END SPOILER. And the ones left are for Tetsuo, Kaori (oh, poor Koari!!), and the kids, and one just vaguely related to Akira himself. I guess it would be revolution-based mostly, and I don't know how to do the last one, but I need an even number of designs here! When they're done (and possibly proofed, I don't think I'll have $40 to throw towards proofs, we'll see), they'll be available on Spoonflower and I'll advertise them everywhere. I'm not very good with putting myself out there like that, so what I do will have to maybe do. Please support me! starvingartistcollegekid

I also want to rant a little bit about the "reviews" I've gotten on my Free! story. I've only gotten four reviews and 75% of them have been requesting characters. The last one (or, rather, the first one I got) was appreciative, and those are definitely beyond welcome on any and every of my stories. Please, please, please never request a character to be next. One reason being I tend to pre-write all of my stories, especially drabble booklets, and I'm actually back-logged with chapters to post. So, you will eventually see the character you want. I try to write for all characters as equally as possible. In Free!'s case, the characters each get their own, brand-spanking new scenario every eight chapters, give or take. I may occasionally ask for scenarios regarding a character, since sometimes I can't think of one for them (most recently and notably, Nitori, but that's for later), but I don't really plan to do that too often. Another reason for not requesting a character from me is simply because I am defiant of authority. But it's mostly because of the former. I am a diligent writer, I write a chapter for this series at least twice a week. Though that average is slowly, slowly rising to three. I'm almost set for an entire year of Free! related bullshit here, seeing as I post once a week and plan to do that for the next forever. And I really hate being notified about a new review and then there being absolutely nothing of substance, just a damn character request. Not even a "you're doing great, I like how you're handling whats-his-face and I totes def like your styles", just "would you write for thats-his-butt". It's annoying and insulting. Of course I've wanted a character to be written for me *cough*HondaKiku*cough*, but I've never had the gall to tell a writer to write for X, mostly because I want them to handle their own property because I think they're doing splendidly already.

I guess that's it. Have a lovely week, folks.
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